Ubuntu Open Week - Screencasting Team - Alan Pope - Thu, Oct 25, 2007

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20:11 <@popey> Hi, I'm Alan Pope and I'm a member of the Ubuntu Screencast Team.
20:11 <@popey> The team was started after the Ubuntu UK LoCo team created a few screencasts.
20:12 <@popey> It seemed logical to make screencasts a non-LoCo thing, but more a part of the documentation team
20:12 <@popey> The Screencast team comes under the banner of the documentation team, but we have our own..
20:12 <@popey> mailing list
20:12 <@popey> launchpad team and 
20:12 <@popey> IRC channel - #ubuntu-screencasts
20:12 <@popey> And of course we have our own site:
20:12 <@popey> The idea of screencasting was (and still is) to create high quality tutorial videos which feature Ubuntu and can be streamed or downloaded. 
20:13 <@popey> That's it.
20:13 <@popey> We basically use tools to record the desktop to video, then edit it, add an audio track, encode to various formats and upload it. Sounds easy :)
20:13 <@popey>  < pwnguin> QUESTION: Can I make impressive high fps captures of openGL games yet?
20:13 <@popey> if your machine is powerful enough, sure :)
20:14 <@popey> however that's not really what we're about.
20:14 <@popey> I'll come to that in a moment
20:14 <@popey>  < giftnudel> QUESTION: Which formats do you offer?
20:14 <@popey> I'll answer that in just a moment too
20:14 <@popey> The "high quality" part refers to a number of things, some of which are somewhat subjective, some are my own personal opinion and they include:-
20:14 <@popey> . They should initially target new users of Ubuntu (and Linux) and as such should explain things clearly from beginning to end.
20:14 <@popey> . Make as few assumptions as possible about the viewer.
20:15 <@popey> . The text on the screen should be legible where possible (a 1024x768 screen scaled down to 100x70 isn't going to cut it, and so we can't necessarily always fulfil this one)
20:15 <@popey> . There must be an audio track, which should clearly explain what's going on in the screencast
20:15 <@popey> . They should be atomic. People should be able to watch one screencast and come away with something useful. They should have learned something. 
20:15 <@popey>  - there shouldn't be too much dependence on previous screencasts
20:15 <@popey>  - although that is inevitable for new users
20:15 <@popey> . They should avoid the use of the terminal wherever possible.
20:16 <@popey>  - whilst I appreciate that the terminal is there, I'd like to not draw attention to it :)
20:16 <@popey> . They should be available to download in free formats (such as Ogg/Theora/Vorbis) and also stream (currently that's using flv/flash/mp3).
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20:16 <@popey> We have a bunch of screencasts on the site available at multiple sizes and in different formats. 
20:16 <@popey> We used to make all screencasts available in AVI/MPEG4/MP3, MOV/H.264/AAC as well as Ogg/Theora/Vorbis and Flv/Flash/MP3
20:16 <@popey> but recently we've cut that back to just Ogg and Flv, and so far nobody has complained - not to me anyway.
20:17 <@popey> Whilst I'd love to be able to make every screencast available in every format at every resolution there are some practical things to think about. 
20:17 <@popey> Like the amount of time it takes to encode and upload (over my home connection) and then create the pages / RSS feeds and so on.
20:17 <@popey> We currently have about 11G of video online and chew up quite a bit of bandwidth serving that out. So that's good :)
20:17 <@popey> Clearly we need more videos
20:17 <@popey> The site is hosted on two machines at Canonical. One hosts the drupal site, the other hosts the static video/images.
20:18 <@popey> We did have it all on one box but this was killing the box when a new screencast appeared on planet ubuntu :S
20:18 < cjb_ie> suitably tuned for the different workload profiles no doubt
20:18 <@popey> yus
20:18 <@popey> the static site has no php support
20:18 <@popey>  < imbrandon> QUESTION: the rss ( and such ) is all done by hand ? also couldnt the other formats be made progmaticly via the web UI from a source ogg ?
20:18 <@popey> the rss isn't so much done by hand
20:19 <@popey> I upload a video - for example an ogg at 1280x720
20:19 <@popey> i then create a page on the site with some content taken from a template
20:19 <@popey> i categorise that page
20:19 <@popey> automatically that creates an item in the rss feed
20:19 <@popey> which can get picked up by pocatchers like hpodder, bashbodder, miro (democracyplayer) and the like
20:19 < imbrandon> right , ok
20:19 <@popey> however...
20:20 <@popey> that's for one video in one resolution
20:20 <@popey> imagine one video in two formats at three resolutions
20:20 <@popey> thats 6 pages to create, plus a main page
20:20 <@popey> you'll get the idea if you go to the site and start looking at the content of the links on the right
20:20 <@popey> the rss feeds
20:20 <@popey> does that answer your question?
20:20 < imbrandon> heh i would spend the type to do some python/php code to automate it :P
20:20 < imbrandon> yup
20:20 <@popey> I would _love_ to streamline that process
20:20 <@popey> yes! 
20:20 <@popey> I would love that
20:20 <@popey> please, help!
20:20 <@popey> :)
20:20 <@popey> I can't code
20:21 <@popey> we have already had a submission for a script which automates the video encoding
20:21 <@popey> and that's just fantastic, a great help
20:21 <@popey> but yes, some way of just taking a video, and putting it in a folder, then pressing a button.. going to sleep and finding in 3 hours that it's all encoded, uploaded and pages created would be my dream
20:22 <@popey> I'll take you up on that offer imbrandon, thanks
20:22 < imbrandon> np
20:22 <@popey> < giftnudel> QUESTION: Do you need to convert everything at home and need to upload it?
20:22 <@popey> no, i could upload the master video and encode on a server somewhere - that would be better - yes
20:22 <@popey> I have tried this but had issues compiling ffmpeg on my server in the datacentre
20:22 <@popey> i need time to look at that
20:22 <@popey> but it's a great suggestion!
20:23 <@popey> < evarlast> QUESTION: what about a video codec made for screencaps like TechSmith's used by Camtasia?
20:23 <@popey> I am aware of camtasia only by name and their adverts in the labrats podcast (which I like)
20:23 <@popey> i don't know about formats
20:23 <@popey> however...
20:23 <@popey> generally
20:23 <@popey> GENERALLY
20:23 <@popey> proprietary software uses evil closed formats
20:23 <@popey> I'll say no more than that :)
20:24 <@popey>  < kostkon> QUESTION: I would like to ask if there is the requirement that the desktop shown in the videos must use the default theme.
20:24 <@popey> OOO!
20:24 <@popey> Great question!
20:24 <@popey> technically no, of course not..
20:24 <@popey> ..however..
20:24 <@popey> Imagine you are Joe Public, and you've never seen ubuntu before.. you watch a video which shows how to do something..
20:24 <@popey> ..and that video doesn't match what you have in front of you
20:25 <@popey> That would (in my opinion) possibly make people think twice about whether they trust what they see as a "real world expereicen"
20:25 <@popey> *experience
20:25 <@popey> I always try to make screencasts so that they look as you would find them
20:26 <@popey> one of the things I found with screencasts on youtube / google (there are loads).. is that they were inconsistent
20:26 <@popey> everyone has their own theme on their desktop
20:26 <@popey> and that's _great_
20:26 <@popey> we all love to customise our desktops
20:26 <@popey> but I'm not convinced it's wise for new users to see that
20:26 <@popey> once they figure out how to theme their machine they will be comfortable seeing something different in a video
20:26 <@popey> IMO
20:26 <@popey> IMHO
20:27 <@popey>  < giftnudel> QUESTION: Should the language then be english or fit the commentary?
20:27 <@popey> Glad you asked!
20:27 <@popey> We have subtitles (captions) in English..
20:27 <@popey> these were transcribed from the videos by some incredibly patient people
20:27 <@popey> they are then translated
20:28 <@popey>  <-- see
20:28 <@popey> these subtitles work in totem, vlc etc
20:28 <@popey> and google video
20:28 <@popey> so that helps people who can't understand by british accent
20:28 <@popey> but of course doesn't help where the GUI is all in English.. I can't do much about that
20:28 <@popey> we have also had offers to audio "dub" the screencasts into other lanaguages
20:29 <@popey>
20:29 <@popey> there you go - one that has english video - french audio
20:29 < giftnudel> thanks
20:29 <@popey> so in a word "no" the audio doesn't _have_ to fit the video, but that's how traditionally they have been made
20:29 <@popey> < spd106> QUESTION: Any plans for official intro/outro/background music?
20:29 <@popey> heh, great question!
20:29 <@popey> (I say that a lot, sorry)
20:30 <@popey> here's the problem... licensing
20:30 <@popey> well, part of the problem
20:30 < imbrandon> lol
20:30 <@popey> the other part is that you will _never_ find some music that everyone likes
20:30 <@popey> [FACT]
20:30 <@popey> my friends like death metal
20:30 <@popey> I quite like electronic music
20:30 <@popey> (and i hate death metal)
20:30 <@popey> so there is an instant problem there
20:30 <@popey> i did actually find some music that I very nearly paid the license fee on.. 
20:31 <@popey> I got it from one of the nice places linked in Rhthmbox
20:31 <@popey> cant remember if it was jamendo or magnatune
20:31 <@popey> _ANYWAY_
20:31 <@popey> yes, I've thought about it..
20:31 <@popey> if someone would like to make some music for us that would be lovely
20:32 <@popey> but be prepared for me to say I hate it :)
20:32 <@popey> FYI the two tracks I found are...
20:32 < pwnguin> just use vivaldi ;)
20:33 <@popey> Where has our love gone, and the other was Computer Control - both by a band called "The Bots"
20:33 <@popey> ok, moving on to the rest of the stuff I had typed up :)
20:33 <@popey> The process for creating screencasts is documented... badly. 
20:33 <@popey>
20:33 <@popey> this page needs some love
20:33 <@popey> I have been asked by numerous people (including sabdfl) to create a "How to screencast" screencast
20:34 <@popey> and I'm working on that now
20:34 <@popey> It's a monster multi-part job which covers everything I do to make a screencast, plus some alternatives along the way.
20:34 <@popey> Which leads onto the obvious question of how do we make screencasts.
20:34 <@popey> For me it goes like this..
20:34 <@popey> note that others do things differently, and that's fine, I'm a big fan of choice, it's the end result that's important. 
20:34 <@popey> For me what's also important is "Eating our own dogfood"'s_own_dog_food 
20:35 <@popey> in that I try to only use free software to make the screencasts even if the content might have non free stuff in it (like skype).
20:35 <@popey> (I don't _actually_ _eat_ dog food you understand)
20:35 <@popey> (we only have cats)
20:35 <@popey> (no to catfood too)
20:35 <@popey> If you want to contribute to the screencast team but want to use some other software, that's GREAT! 
20:35 <@popey> I flat out don't care what you use, so long as the subject is Ubuntu, and the screencast is cool!
20:35 <@popey> Ok, so there are at least two ways of doing this, here's the traditional way I did it:-
20:36 <@popey> . Use qemu to create a virtual machine running Ubuntu (you could of course use vmware or the packaged virtual box, but as I try to only use free software for this, I use qemu+kqemu, or kvm)
20:36 <@popey> . Use xvidcap to capture the qemu window to an MPEG2 video
20:36 <@popey> (I use xvidcap, however other video capture software is available)
20:36 <@popey> . Use to create some funky titles which I also record with xvidcap
20:37 <@popey> (in OO.o you can do nice slidey transitions, fades and stuff - and fake a desktop background)
20:37 <@popey> (so it _looks_ like a screencast, but it really is just a video of an oo.o presentation)
20:37 <@popey> this is a major pain!
20:37 <@popey> we don't have a decent video editor with titling built in under linux.. 
20:37 <@popey> that makes me sad :(
20:37 <@popey> . Use avidemux to edit together the titles and cut bits out of the video (like where an install takes ages or I mess the screen up :) )
20:38 <@popey> . Use totem to play the video and make sure it's okay
20:38 <@popey> . Use totem to play the video _again_ whilst I..
20:38 <@popey> . Use audacity (or ardour) to record me talking
20:38 <@popey> . Use avidemux to merge the audio and video
20:38 <@popey> . Use ffmpeg to re-encode the video to various formats
20:38 <@popey> . Use scp to upload to the server
20:38 <@popey> . Use my hands to grab a beer from the fridge
20:39 <@popey> so thats qemu, avidemux, audacity, ffmpeg, totem... all free software!
20:39 <@popey> yay!
20:39 <@popey> but it takes _some_ _time_ to do
20:39 <@popey> :(
20:39 <@popey> if someone like techsmith open sourced camtasia I'd probably use it in an instant
20:39 <@popey> but they wont
20:39 <@popey> well, not before Satan ice skates to work
20:40 <@popey> ok, so that's one way of doing it
20:40 <@popey> however you'll notice that running your desktop and qemu with _another_ whole machine in, can be pretty resource intensive
20:40 <@popey> _then_ you have the screencast software on top
20:40 <@popey> I do this on a 2.6GHz dual core 2GB machine...
20:40 <@popey> and xvidcap _still_ drops frames! :O
20:40 <@popey> however... there are other options
20:41 <@popey> recordmydesktop is very nice, easy to use, and less resource intensive than xvidcap, so I might switch to that
20:41 <@popey> only pain is it records to ogg (yes that's a pain)
20:41 <@popey> because the decent video editors wont touch ogg, so you have an extra bit of video conversion to do to allow the video editors to manipulate them
20:41 <@popey> I am willing to listen to anyone who has better ways of doing this
20:42 <@popey> however I have been playing with pretty much every tool there is for about 2 years
20:42 <@popey> I'll come to the questions in a mo, only a few more lines of copy/paste :)
20:42 <@popey> so.. I said there was another way...
20:42 <@popey> The other way..
20:42 <@popey> . Create a second user on the main computer I use
20:42 <@popey> . Switch to that user at the terminal "sudo su - otheruser"
20:42 <@popey> . Run VNC server as that user "vncserver :1 -geometry 1280x720 -depth 24"
20:43 <@popey> . As my main user, vnc to the local machine, desktop 1, "vncviewer localhost:1"
20:43 <@popey> . Use xvidcap to record the vnc client window
20:43 <@popey> Benefit of that is that it reduces the overall load on the machine making it much easier to record.
20:43 <@popey> The downside is that you can only record whatever you have on your local machine, so if you were running feisty and wanted to record gutsy, you couldn't (using that second method).
20:43  * popey scrolls back to find some questions
20:43 <@popey>   * imbrandon votes for a jono bacon metal track for the intro :)
20:44  * popey votes not
20:44 <@popey> :)
20:44 <@popey> eek, I have to share a plane with him tomorrow
20:44 < imbrandon> heh
20:44 <@popey>  < DShepherd> QUESTION: Any plans for links to your screencast to be in built into the help system?
20:44 <@popey> yes!
20:44 < DShepherd> when? hardy?
20:44 <@popey>
20:44 <@popey> see that spec :)
20:44 <@popey> I hope to push it at UDS next week
20:44 < giftnudel> excellent!
20:45 <@popey> whether that's inside the help docuemntation or a separate viewer I jsut don't know
20:45 <@popey> but yes, it would be neat to be able to press a button in Ubuntu and get a video popup showing you how to do stuff
20:45 <@popey> not long 30 min videos
20:45 <@popey> short sharp, 1-2 min things
20:45 <@popey> maybe even shorter depending on contenxt
20:45 < pwnguin> via the internet?
20:45 <@popey> maybe
20:45 <@popey> maybe apt-gettable
20:45 <@popey> who knows :)
20:46 < spd106> Like on ubuntu-clips?
20:46 <@popey> yeah, exactly like that
20:46 <@popey> need to be small due to limited bandwidth
20:46 <@popey> and nobody wants 20GB of video on their machine
20:46 <@popey> well..
20:46 <@popey> not _that_ kind of video
20:46 <@popey> ahem
20:46 <@popey> moving on
20:46 <@popey>  < DShepherd> QUESTION: any plans on making a screencast on how to make a screencast?
20:46 <@popey> yes, working on it now
20:47 <@popey>  < spd106> QUESTION: When's the MoS DVD coming out? Will it be on HD-DVD or Blue-ray?
20:47 <@popey> that would be cool
20:47 <@popey> however....
20:47 <@popey> < DShepherd> QUESTION: When will the MoS Screencast be finished?
20:47 <@popey> that's a pre-req I think :)
20:47 <@popey> When it's finished
20:47 <@popey> it was a mad plan in the first place :)
20:47 <@popey> other stuff got in the way.. however I still call it the "month of screencasts" becasue there will be 30 of them - making a calendar month...
20:48 <@popey> .so what if it takes 20 years!
20:48 <@popey> < giftnudel> QUESTION: Whats Mos?
20:48 <@popey>
20:48 <@popey> "Ubuntu Month of Screencasts is a mad plan concocted by the Screencast Team to produce one full length screencast per day for the whole of one month. That month is September 2007."
20:48  * popey notes it's near the end of Oct
20:48 <@popey>  < desertc> popey:   -- seen The Bots availability on Magnatune?  They have OGG format and everything there.
20:48 <@popey> yes, that's the ones
20:49 <@popey> I have the tracks all cut down into nice slices.. but I had this horrid overriding fear that everyone would hate it
20:49 <@popey> so i dropped it
20:49 <@popey> :(
20:49 <@popey> < pwnguin> QUESTION: what are the sources of dropped frames?
20:49 <@popey> CPU and/or IO I guess
20:49 <@popey>  < kostkon> QUESTION: what about audio and video bitrates? Or do we just choose anything as long as it produces a good end result? I am asking this because "highly-bitrated" videos will 
20:49 <@popey>                     possibly not play well in low to middle end PCs.
20:50 <@popey> erk, sorry
20:50 <@popey> yes, the master video is a high bitrate one
20:50 <@popey> I tend to use 400Kb/s or 800Kb/s when I re-encode them
20:50 <@popey> depending on size
20:50 <@popey> some of the bigger (1280x720) ones need higher bitrates (funnily enough)
20:51 <@popey> we need high quality master videos thou
20:51 <@popey>  < pwnguin> QUESTION: in a longer term view, do you see any potential between creating screencasts and testing desktop UI? I think there was a session on tuesday about testing GUI tools
20:51 <@popey> i have no view on that, sorry
20:51 <@popey> however...
20:51 <@popey> I would like to throw a spec together for a "proper" screencasting app
20:51 <@popey> one that nested a desktop in a window xnest style
20:52 <@popey> and had nice easy recording options
20:52 <@popey> titling
20:52 <@popey> audio dubbing
20:52 <@popey> subtitling
20:52 <@popey> basically put together istanbul, recordmydesktop, xnest, jokosher , and some titling thing, and avidemux and maybe ffmpeg
20:53 <@popey> into one almighty screencasting app to `sudo killall proprietary-screencasting-app`
20:53 <@popey>  < mzungu> QUESTION: has anyone tried Ubuntu Studio - which clains to be optimised for audio and video?
20:53 <@popey> I'm not convinced it would give that much of a boost, but I'd be happy to try it
20:53 <@popey> ok, one more thing I'd like to say..
20:54 <@popey> is a massive thank you! to the people who have contributed screencasts, contributed transcriptions, subtitles, dubs and so on.
20:54 <@popey> it's really helped
20:54 <@popey> (and thanks to canonical for hosting):)
20:54 <@popey> I think I missed a question
20:54 < michaelramm> Thanks PopeY!!
20:54 <@popey>  < giftnudel> QUESTION: Is there a list of screencasts people can get started with?
20:54 <@popey> that one
20:54 <@popey> kinda
20:55 <@popey> there is a messy list:-
20:55 <@popey> which I think we are going to re-work / retire
20:55 <@popey> if you have any requests for screencasts....
20:55 <@popey>
20:55 <@popey> if there is something you would like to see - do what it says there ^
20:56 < giftnudel> This is a nice start!
20:56 <@popey>  < pwnguin> QUESTION: any plan to screencast something console based, like "how to play nethack" or "vim for emacs-philes"?
20:56 <@popey> tricky
20:56 <@popey> i am a lover of the console - i use mutt and irssi every day - but for newbies I don't think it's appropriate..
20:56 <@popey> that said..
20:56 <@popey> would be nice if we could have "expert corner" on the site
20:57 <@popey> with some "advanced" stuff
20:57 <@popey> (yeah, "advanced" means different things to different people)
20:57 <@popey> but you know what I mean :)
20:57 <@popey>  < harkonen> QUESTION: is there a prioritization scheme for the screencasts waiting to be recorded? like which one's most important or whatver.
20:57 <@popey> harkonen! the man!
20:57 < harkonen> aw shucks
20:57 <@popey> out of nowhere some xubuntu screencasts appeared, thanks totally to harkonen !
20:57 <@popey> awesome work dude
20:58 <@popey> not really, I'd say we discuss prioritisation on the list
20:58 <@popey> basically if it hasn't been covered and you think it's someething a newbie woudl be interested in, then that's a good target
20:58 <@popey> I would like people to discuss what they _plan_ to do first though
20:58 <@popey> to make sure we don't have any duplication of work
20:58 <@popey> and we're working in the same direction
20:58 <@popey>  < giftnudel> QUESTION: What about an interactive screencast where people can try out without killing everything?
20:59 <@popey> that's an awesome idea
20:59 <@popey> how about...
20:59 <@popey> a DVD on which there's a load of videos and a virtual machine image
20:59 <@popey> you copy the vm image onto your windows pc, then stick the dvd in your dvd player (or pc) and watch the tutorials
20:59 <@popey> that would be quite neat!
20:59 <@popey> quick! patent it!
20:59 < giftnudel> :)
20:59 <@popey> no, don't do that
21:00 < giftnudel> well it's prior art now anyway
21:00 <@popey>  < evarlast> QUESTION: What about resurecting pyvnc2swf instead of using xvidcap
21:00 <@popey> swf == flash == evil
21:00 <@popey> kinda
21:00 <@popey> :)
21:00 <@popey> in the nicest possible way :)
21:00 <@popey> the issue there is that once you make your master in some oddball format like swf, you have the devils own job converting it to other stuff
21:01 <@popey> that's why I use xvidcap because the master I make is MPEG2.. which pretty much anything can read
21:01 <@popey> < go2dell> QUESTION:  The other *buntus seem to be poorly represented.  Kubuntu and Xubuntu each have one lonely screencast each.  Is there a plan to translate the existing screencasts  into *buntu versions, where appropriate?
21:01 <@popey> a very good point
21:01 <@popey> there is a good reason for this..
21:01 <@popey> I made most of the screencasts
21:01 <@popey> (not to belittle the fantastic work done by all the other contributors)
21:01 <@popey> and the fact is I just don't know kubuntu or xubuntu
21:01 <@popey> I like to talk about what I know about
21:02 <@popey> I feel uncomfortable teaching someone something that I don't know
21:02 <@popey> so basically i'd like other people to contribute more
21:02 <@popey> stdin: I am looking at you :)
21:02 <@popey> harkonen: I am looking at you too :)
21:02  * stdin runs
21:02 <@popey> you get the idea
21:02 <@popey> I have a kubuntu virtual machine ready to go
21:02 < stdin> I will get around to it, really
21:02  * harkonen is writing a script now...
21:02 <@popey> but I just don't know it, sorry
21:02 <@popey> yay
21:03 <@popey> < go2dell> I guess the correct answer to my question is:  if you want it done, do it yourself, right?  :-D
21:03 <@popey> file a bug report!
21:03 <@popey>  < spd106> QUESTION: Any there any plans for Edubuntu screencasts targeted at kids/teachers?
21:03 <@popey> now THAT would rock!
21:03 <@popey> teachers are often people who don't have time to sit and fiddle with computer software
21:03 <@popey> they need help in teaching the new stuff
21:04 <@popey> get on that! :)
21:04 <@popey>  < evarlast> QUESTION: follow up: pyvnc2swf is swf in name only. it supports a number of output formats and it may be easier to use than xvidcap.
21:04 <@popey> O RLY?
21:04 <@popey> didn't know that
21:04 <@popey> will take another look
21:04 <@popey> oh, oh, I remember why I stopped using it
21:04 <@popey> it would crash when I opened firefox inside the vnc window
21:04 <@popey> *boggle*
21:04 -!- mode/#ubuntu-classroom [+o nixternal] by ChanServ
21:04 <@popey> certain apps inside the vnc window would blow pyvnc2swf up
21:04 <@popey> very odd
21:04 -!- mode/#ubuntu-classroom [+v nixternal] by nixternal
21:05 <@popey>  < go2dell> stdin: I'm a Kubuntu user, so I guess I should get started playing with screencast production... in my spare time.
21:05 <@popey> that would rock
21:05 <@popey> right.. any more for any more?
21:05 <@popey> we're pretty much out of time
21:05 <@popey> thanks for some fantastic questions.. it's given me some stuff to think about
21:05 <@popey> remember.. we do need help
21:05 <@popey> suggestions are always welcome
21:05 <@popey> I think that's me done.
21:05 <@popey> cheers
21:05 -!- mode/#ubuntu-classroom [-o popey] by popey
21:06 < giftnudel> That was very nice, thanks
21:06 < popey> thanks
21:06 < spd106> Thanks popey
21:06  * popey goes for a lie down
21:06 < giftnudel> Now I feel like I should do a screencast
21:06 <@nixternal> popey: you rock!
21:06 < mzungu> popey, thanks for the interesting session
21:06 < DShepherd> popey, you reggae!
21:07  * DShepherd is a Jamaican
21:07 < popey> heh
21:07 < go2dell> popey: you ska
21:07 < popey> bo!
21:07 < DShepherd> lol

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