Ubuntu Open Week - Ubuntu Training Team - Billy Cina - Thu, Oct 25, 2007

15:16 < billycin1> hi folks
15:16 < billycin1> sorry i am late
15:16 <@popey> hi
15:16 < billycin1> needs to file a bug for gutsy
15:16 < billycin1> network manager issues
15:17 < billycin1> 3 of us in the office
15:17 < Hobbsee> billycin1: /msg nickserv ghost billycina <yourfreenodep/w>
15:17 < Hobbsee> then you can have your nick back.
15:17 < billycin1> so
15:17 < billycin1> few topics i wanted to cover today
15:18 -!- mode/#ubuntu-classroom [+v billycin1] by popey
15:18 <+billycin1> ok - we'll live with this right now
15:18  * billycin1 prays the network will not cut out again
15:18 <+billycin1> so:
15:19 <+billycin1> 1. wanted to give an update on what we have been doing in the training project so far
15:19 <+billycin1> 2. timelines - when you can see something happening
15:19 <+billycin1> 3.How you can get involved
15:19 <+billycin1> 4. what will happen next
15:19 <+billycin1> btw - this is my first open week session
15:20 <+billycin1> so... be patient ;)
15:20 <+billycin1> alright
15:20 <+billycin1> so as some of you will know, canonical started to initiate community involvemet with the training projects in august
15:21 < SvZ> @now
15:21 < ubotu> Current time in Etc/UTC: October 25 2007, 15:13:44 - Next meeting: Kernel Team in 5 days
15:21 <+billycin1> the plan was, and still is to produce a community based / involved desktop course
15:21 <+billycin1> which will then be freely available for all to use
15:21 <+billycin1> since august a bunch us have done * a lot * of work
15:22 <+billycin1> and much sweat, blood and tears has been exchanged
15:22 <+billycin1> well, almost
15:22 <+billycin1> the process is:
15:22 <+billycin1> We agreed on the TOC - over 60 people provided input to that
15:23 <+billycin1> we then have bi-weekly meetings to discuss progress of the project and any issues
15:23 <+billycin1> there are 11 sections
15:23 <+billycin1> details of which you can find:
15:23 <+billycin1> here:
15:24 <+billycin1> basically: our indian content writer write the base
15:24 <+billycin1> we then refine, chop, edit, enhance
15:24 <+billycin1> etc
15:24 <+billycin1> this has been a tough process - for a number of reasons
15:24 <+billycin1> but mainly because of use of bzr and docbook
15:24 <+billycin1> but we're getting there
15:25 <+billycin1> i can elaborate but will spare the details for now
15:25 <+billycin1> so we are now at the stage where
15:25 <+billycin1> next week we host a 2-day pilot in sri lanka
15:25 <+billycin1> this will run as a real life course where we check the material content,
15:25 <+billycin1> ensure thatthe instructor is focusing on the right sections
15:26 <+billycin1> time each section
15:26 <+billycin1> and basically ensure that our objectives are met
15:26 <+billycin1> not sure how many of you know but
15:26 <+billycin1> the whole of the sri lanka government is deploying ubuntu :)
15:26 <+billycin1> so
15:26 <+billycin1> 1. big \o/
15:27 <+billycin1> 2. we would anyway need to train them, so what we are doing is training the instructors, who will then need to go and train the office workers
15:27 <+billycin1> so i will be going there
15:27 <+billycin1> and our indian training partner will be running the 2 days
15:28 <+billycin1> if all goes according to plan, this is what will happen next:
15:28 <+billycin1> 1. I survive 2 days of flights and 2 days in sri lanka and make it from there to boston
15:29 <+billycin1> 2. Start drafting the corrections / amendments that will need to happen
15:29 <+billycin1> if it is anything like the system builder course, this should not take longer than 2 weeks
15:29  * billycin1 keeps fingers crossed
15:30 <+billycin1> 3. i will then send the files to Drichardson who has kindly volunteered to make the material 'look pretty'
15:30 <+billycin1> 4. Once this is done - and I am aiming for mid - end nov at the latest
15:31 <+billycin1> IT WILL BE RELEASED TO THE WIKI
15:31 <+billycin1> the reason it is written in docbook is so that it can be printed off in courseware style
15:31 <+billycin1> so you guys (and whoever) can use it freely
15:32 <+billycin1> how can you get involved from here:
15:32 <+billycin1> well, many ways and feel free to add:
15:32 <+billycin1> 1. Please join our bi-weekly meetings
15:33 <+billycin1> the next one will take place in3 weeks from today (as opposed to 2 weeks as i am in boston)
15:33 <+billycin1> we discuss how to improve the material and new elements required
15:33 <+billycin1> or anything that has been missed
15:33 <+billycin1> 2. Get translating - the more people who can access this in more languages - the better
15:34 <+billycin1> 3. make it your own
15:34 <+billycin1> when we issued the TOC for review, there were many many suggestions
15:34 <+billycin1> as this is intended for newcomers, we had to KIS
15:35 <+billycin1> but there is no reason why you guys can not elaborate and make material available on features you feel need it
15:35 <+billycin1> you will have the framework to make this more simple
15:36 <+billycin1> the minute we know what will be involved in hardy, we will also need to make updates for that
15:37 <+billycin1> i think you will all agree that this is a great way to reach out to more ubuntu newbies
15:37 <+billycin1> if the Canonical / community approach works, this course will be the first in the series of such initiatives
15:38 <+billycin1> ok - i am going to move over to the chat section so that i can answer some questions
15:38 <@popey>  < michaelramm> QUESTION: Is there a place for a Linux/Ubuntu newbie on the training team?
15:38 <+billycin1> popey: absolutely
15:38 <+billycin1> move tothe chat room
15:39 <@popey> billycin1: we tend to stay here
15:39 <@popey> I'll paste your questions in here
15:39 <@popey> sorry / their/ questions in here
15:39 <+billycin1> so i should stay here?
15:39 <@popey> yus
15:39 <+billycin1> cool
15:39 <+billycin1> ok, i'm back
15:39 <@popey> :)
15:39 <+billycin1> so: newbies - hugely in demand
15:39 <@popey> (just say "next" when you want the next question)
15:40 <+billycin1> this course is designed for newbies, so those of us who have been using it for a while take some things for granted
15:40 <+billycin1> if you can be part of the material reviewing or
15:40 <+billycin1> just tell us what you feel is unclear and problematic to new users - that would be great
15:40 <+billycin1> next please
15:40 <@popey>  < dinda> QUESTION:  Will the materials be updated for each release?  or just LTS?
15:41 < michaelramm> Well, in that case....michaelramm reporting for duty!
15:41 <+billycin1> michaelramm: fabulous :)
15:41 <+billycin1> dinda: for every release
15:42 <+billycin1> the sys admin course is updated majorly got LTS but we still provide updates with every release
15:42 <+billycin1> critical updates
15:42 <+billycin1> next pls
15:42 <@popey>  < FayZee> QUESTION: You say the instructor-led material will be in docbook so as to be printed off. What format will the e-learning course take? Moodle?
15:42 <+billycin1> yes - moodle
15:42 <+billycin1> the elearning course will be a paid for service
15:42 <+billycin1> next pl
15:43 <@popey>  < kotfic> QUESTION: you mentioned training trainers,  are there any resources for people who need to train trainers?
15:43 <+billycin1> so - there will also be an instructor guide available
15:43 <+billycin1> which is hugely self explanatory
15:44 <+billycin1> other than that - i would rely on people who have trained desktop before.
15:44 <+billycin1> .... even MS
15:44 <+billycin1> next pls
15:44 <@popey>  < dinda> QUESTION: How is the Partner Program working out?  Can you tell the room a bit about that process?
15:44 <+billycin1> sure
15:44 <+billycin1> so right now we have about 15 key countries in which we are actively looking for partner
15:44 <+billycin1> s
15:45 <+billycin1> we have fulfilled 8 of those countries
15:45 <+billycin1> in advanced process with US and UK
15:45 <+billycin1> and have another 5
15:45 < Gareth> topic
15:45 < Gareth> erm
15:45 <+billycin1> we are limiting the number of partners in each country / region
15:46 <+billycin1> so that the partners who have signed up, can enjoy the fruits of their labour
15:46 <+billycin1> students are not queueing around the block right now
15:46 <+billycin1> and while we expect this to change with increase in corporate and government deployment
15:46 <+billycin1> this does take time and effort from Canonical and the partners
15:47 <+billycin1> so - anybody can get a hold of the desktop course and start teaching it
15:47 <+billycin1> but
15:47 <+billycin1> only authorised partners get the official partner status
15:47 <+billycin1> so to speak
15:47 <+billycin1> dinda: does that answer?
15:47 < dinda> sounds great
15:47 <+billycin1> cool
15:47 <+billycin1> next pls
15:47 <@popey>  < dgjones> QUESTION: In Europe there is the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence)  which gives basic IT training with a Europe wide recognised qualification, but its Microsoft based, will the training thats being developed offer something similar in terms of a qualification & levels of training
15:48 <+billycin1> dgjones: good question
15:48 <+billycin1> so instead of creating our own, we are thinking of partnering with ECDL
15:48 <+billycin1> they do have a linux interest which we are exploring
15:49 <+billycin1> also for the international version, not just european
15:49 <+billycin1> there are so many certifications out there - we want to make it really easy for people
15:49 <+billycin1> next pls
15:49 <@popey>  < michaelramm> QUESTION: What resources will be provided so that LoCo's can take the training to the community?
15:49 <+billycin1> take the training to the community?
15:49 <+billycin1> elaborate please
15:50 < michaelramm> offer training sessions to the local community, not ubuntu community
15:50 <+billycin1> michaelramm: so, the material is there for you to use but I don't see a scenario right now where we fund such training
15:50 <+billycin1> if that is what you mean?
15:51 <+billycin1> next pls
15:51 < michaelramm> so the instuctor-led class, would there be handouts, a book for reference, etc.
15:52 <+billycin1> michaelramm: so - print will not be provided BUT
15:52 <+billycin1> what we will be doing is offering printed versions in book format which can be ordered online
15:52 <+billycin1> I doubt this will suit the purpose though as it will be a paid for service
15:52 <+billycin1> i am looking att a coupld of options for this
15:53 <+billycin1> next pls
15:53 <@popey>  < kotfic> QUESTION: what are the usual turn around times on doc translation for somting like French?
15:53 <+billycin1> kotfic: no idea - never done it but
15:54 <+billycin1> what i can tell you is that it is taking a full time translator 6 weeks to translate from english to russian
15:54 <+billycin1> 400 sides of another corse we have
15:54 <+billycin1> course
15:54 <+billycin1> so - to do it well, takes time
15:54 <+billycin1> next ple
15:54 <+billycin1> s
15:54 < Mnabil> lol
15:54 <@popey>  < FayZee> QUESTION: I'm interested in the paid-for elearning course in Moodle. Can you tell something about it please?
15:54 <+billycin1> Fayzee: so
15:55 <+billycin1> it will have the same TOC and structure as the instructor led
15:55 <+billycin1> planned for release in late Nov. / early dec
15:55 <+billycin1> anticipated price is $100 for a 4 hour stint
15:55 <+billycin1> access will be available for 6 months
15:55 <+billycin1> it iwll be very interactive
15:56 <+billycin1> with simulations, voice overs etc
15:56 <+billycin1> anything else you would like to know?
15:56 < Fay> Sounds cool :-) Thanks
15:56 <+billycin1> next pls
15:56 < Fay> Is there a link?
15:56 <+billycin1> not yet
15:56 <+billycin1> the child is not born
15:56 <+billycin1> ;)
15:56 <@popey>  < popey> QUESTION: "partner status", does that mean that non-partners can't use the trademarked Ubuntu logo in their marketing, or is it slightly less insidious than that :S?
15:57 <+billycin1> so they can not use the ubuntu training partner logo
15:57 <+billycin1> if you can usually use the 'regular' ubuntu logo - then you can continue to do so
15:57 <@popey> thats the only difference?
15:58 <+billycin1> popey: yes, you are not stamped as an authorise training center. can you use the logo now?
15:58 <+billycin1> the regular ubuntu i mean
15:58 <@popey> as an ubuntu member you can on business cards, yes
15:58 <@popey> maybe elsewhere too
15:59 <@popey> but I guess you will have a special logo "Training partner" type thing
15:59 <@popey> ok that answers my question, thanks :)
15:59 <+billycin1> if you imply that you are a professional working on canonical's behalf, then no
15:59 <@popey> right
15:59 <+billycin1> yes we do
15:59 <+billycin1> np
15:59 <+billycin1> next pls
15:59 <@popey> < bonii> QUESTION: How can the local LUGs and GLUGs which try to provide training to the newcomers be integrated into the LOCOs so that the reach can be increased?
16:00 <+billycin1> bonii: huge question
16:00 <+billycin1> which i will gladly flick onto the loco team council
16:00 <@popey> there isnt a loco team council (yet)
16:00 <+billycin1> there is one of those now - i think?
16:00 <@popey> as I understand it
16:00 <@popey> flick it to jono :)
16:00 <+billycin1> right - i think one is in the forming and that would be a good place to start
16:01 <+billycin1> i think that activity should absolutely be established
16:01 <+billycin1> next pls
16:01 < michaelramm> All bucks stop at the desk of Jono Bacon!
16:01 <@popey> < moriancu1er> QUESTION: Where are these materials available?
16:01 <@popey> (put that in so you can plug in the wiki and mailing list)
16:01 <+billycin1> they will be loaded onto the wiki
16:01 <+billycin1> thanks popey
16:02 <+billycin1> I will announce the launch on the training mailing list which popey has kindly reminded me to advertise ;)
16:02 <+billycin1> 2 mailing lists: ubuntu-training-community
16:02 <@popey>
16:02 <+billycin1> which receives all the dupdates on what's going on
16:03 <+billycin1> and one for training support related queries
16:03 <@popey>
16:03 <+billycin1> ie when students or people about to take the ubuntu 199 exams can ask questions
16:03 <+billycin1> thanks popey
16:03 <@popey> np
16:03 <+billycin1> nice double act
16:04 <+billycin1> ok - we have 5 mins before the next meeting, after that i am happy to move to #ubuntu-training
16:04 <@popey> < dinda> QUESTION:  So currently you can only become an authorised Instructor by working for an authorised partner, correct?
16:04 <+billycin1> correct
16:04 <+billycin1> next pls
16:04 <@popey> thats your lot
16:05 <+billycin1> oh and
16:05 <@popey>  < dinda> QUESTION: What about any partnerships with Universities?
16:05 <+billycin1> #ubuntu-training - please join us, we do tend to hang out there daily and we sometimes get lonely....
16:05 <+billycin1> dinda: so that would be the ubuntu academy
16:05 < Divilinux> hy all
16:05 <+billycin1> which has been delayed
16:05 <+billycin1> until 2008
16:06 <+billycin1> popey: that all?
16:06 <@popey> YES
16:06 <@popey> er
16:06 <@popey> yes
16:06 <+billycin1> :)
16:06 < dinda> Great session, Billy!
16:06 <+billycin1> thanks for your time all
16:06 <@popey> thanks billycin1 
16:06 < michaelramm> Thanks Billy!
16:06 < tbrminsanity> tks
16:06 <+billycin1> thanks all :)
16:06 <+billycin1> i am moving to #ubuntu-training

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