Ubuntu Open Week - KDE 4 - Richard Johnson - Wed, Apr 30, 2008

[21:04] <nixternal> thanks everyone for coming!
[21:04] <nixternal> :)
[21:04] <nixternal> Alrighty, lets try this again....if you are here for the KDE 4 talk, give me a "K-MEN!"
[21:05] <nixternal> in #ubuntu-classroom-chat that is
[21:05] <nosrednaekim> or a "this is Korney"
[21:05] <nixternal> oh wow, don't feed um!
[21:05] <nixternal> alrighty, let me give you a bit of an intro about myself and what I will lie to you all about today
[21:05] <nixternal> if you were in the Kubuntu Development talk, tough, you are going to see the same intro again! :)
[21:06] <nixternal> My name is Richard Johnson, and I am a Kubuntu and KDE developer wannabe!
[21:06] <nixternal> Here is a brief summary of what I am about to lie to you all about today!
[21:06] <nixternal>  * Intro about me
[21:06] <nixternal>  * Intro about Kubuntu
[21:06] <nixternal>  * Intro about KDE
[21:06] <nixternal>  * KDE 4 LOVE!
[21:06] <nixternal>  * Kubuntu + KDE 4 == the perfect dream!
[21:07] <nixternal> So now, if you placed your tables in the upright position and fastened your belts, go ahead and undo that, as the drinks are making their rounds
[21:07] <nixternal> LETS GO!!!
[21:08] <nixternal> ....
[21:08] <nixternal> === About Me ===
[21:08] <nixternal> * Free software developer and advocate since 1994
[21:08] <nixternal> * Kubuntu developer and documentation writer since 2005
[21:08] <nixternal> * KDE developer and documentation writer since 2005, user since 1996
[21:08] <nixternal> * Debian Maintainer for a couple of packages, KDE based of course
[21:08] <nixternal> * Co-Author of the Official Ubuntu Book (Edubuntu chapter - huh?)
[21:08] <nixternal> * Go by nixternal on every communication protocol imaginable
[21:08] <nixternal> * Email me at nixternal@kubuntu.org
[21:09] <nixternal> now I don't expect any of you will subscribe my email address to Microsoft mailing lists (I am still trying to find out who did that a couple of months back to me!)
[21:09] <nixternal> .....
[21:09] <nixternal> === About Kubuntu ===
[21:09] <nixternal> I could paste my 5 lines, or I could put it this way...It is the greatest thing since sliced bread!
[21:09] <nixternal> OK, I will paste it!
[21:09] <nixternal>  * Official project of the Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution
[21:09] <nixternal>  * We use the same exact base system as Ubuntu, we just use KDE instead
[21:09] <nixternal>  * It is pronounced koo-BOON-too
[21:10] <nixternal>  * First released in 2005 with the Hoary Hedgehog (5.04) version
[21:10] <nixternal>  * http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/591 - The post that started it all, by some guy named Jonathan Riddell
[21:10] <nixternal> Riddell: say hi this time!
[21:10] <nixternal> it didn't work Tuesday, but I am hoping the Kubuntu robot is working today
[21:10] <nixternal> OK, who booted Riddell up in Vista? He is sluggish today!
[21:11] <nixternal> .....
[21:11] <nixternal> === About KDE ===
[21:11] <nixternal> If you don't know what KDE is yet, boy are you missing out on life :p
[21:11] <nixternal>  * Free software project
[21:11] <nixternal>  * Desktop Environment, Office Suite, Development Framework, and more...
[21:11] <nixternal>  * Announced in 1996, release 1.0 in 1998
[21:11] <nixternal>  * Stable release version is 3.5.9, development version is 4.0.3 (4.0.4 next week!)
[21:11] <nixternal>  * http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.linux.development.apps/msg/cb4b2d67ffc3ffce - The email that started it all, by some other guy named Matthias Ettrich
[21:12] <Riddell> hi!
[21:12] <nixternal> whoa, the robot is working :)
[21:12] <nixternal> .....
[21:13] <nixternal> Lets get right into some KDE love, how about a little history (I failed history twice in school, so this isn't any different)
[21:13] <nixternal> .....
[21:13] <nixternal> == History ==
[21:13] <nixternal> * 1998 - KDE 1.0 (21 members make up the core team)
[21:13] <nixternal> * 2000 - KDE 2.0
[21:13] <nixternal> * 2002 - KDE 3.0
[21:13] <nixternal> * 2005 - KDE 3.5 (Currently 3.5.9)
[21:13] <nixternal> * 2008 - KDE 4.0 (Currently 4.0.3)
[21:13] <nixternal> * July 29, 2008 - KDE 4.1 (Happy birthday to me!)
[21:14] <nixternal> Now the statistics, most come from researching Google, and we know Google is the global authority on truth!
[21:14] <nixternal> == Statistics ==
[21:14] <nixternal> * 1,800+ SVN Accounts
[21:14] <nixternal> * More than 2,800 weekly commits
[21:14] <nixternal> * Over 5 million lines of code
[21:14] <nixternal> * Available in 65+ languages
[21:15] <nixternal> lets get right into the meat and tators here, you want to know about the desktop...here is everything you didn't want to know :)
[21:15] <nixternal> .....
[21:15] <nixternal> == Desktop ==
[21:15] <nixternal> I am going to briefly cover the new KDE 4 desktop. The topics I will cover include:
[21:15] <nixternal>  * Beauty
[21:15] <nixternal>  * Usability
[21:15] <nixternal>  * Portability
[21:15] <nixternal>  * Functionality
[21:15] <nixternal>  
[21:15] <nixternal> === Beauty ===
[21:16] <nixternal> How man think what you have seen thus far on the intertubes about KDE 4 (screenshots and such), display a thing of beauty? raise your ands in chat \o/
[21:16] <nixternal> s/man/many!
[21:16] <nixternal> I can speel, I promise
[21:16] <nixternal> wow, just one!
[21:16] <nixternal> thanks vorian! you are a trooper!
[21:16] <nixternal> ahh, now everyone kicks in :)
[21:17] <nixternal> ....
[21:17] <nixternal> Well, he is what makes KDE 4 so beautiful!
[21:17] <nixternal>  * KDE Window Manager (KWin)
[21:17] <nixternal>  * Plasma
[21:17] <nixternal>  * Oxygen
[21:17] <nixternal>  * Kenneth Wimer - kwwii
[21:17] <nixternal> he is a work of art, but my god he is beautiful!
[21:18] <nixternal> err, I mean his artwork is beautiful
[21:18] <nixternal> I will give a brief intro into these 3 really quick
[21:18] <nixternal> ==== KWin ====
[21:18] <nixternal> KWin is not just another Window Manager for X. KWin has gone through amazing transformations for KDE 4 and now features:
[21:18] <nixternal> * Compositing support and management
[21:18] <nixternal> * Similar graphical effects to that of Compiz
[21:18] <nixternal> * Functions even when there is no system support
[21:18] <nixternal> * Includes a desktop grid, window switcher, shadowing, wobbly windows, snowflakes, and more...
[21:18] <nixternal> man I can type fast! I type so fast irssi asks me to press Ctrl+k
[21:19] <nixternal> Yes, KWin will do wobbly windows now...which means less work will get done by those who use it because they love to watch it...umm...wobble
[21:19] <nixternal> ==== Plasma ====
[21:20] <nixternal> NOTE: Not to be confused with blood or lasers
[21:20] <nixternal> This is the part of the KDE 4 desktop that everyone has been seeing, and in most instances drooling over.
[21:20] <nixternal> The KDE of yesterday included a desktop that was made up of the KDesktop, Kicker, SuperKaramba and more.
[21:20] <nixternal> Today the KDE desktop is made up of just one appliance, Plasma.
[21:20] <nixternal> Here are just a few features of Plasma today:
[21:20] <nixternal>  * Unified workspace that embodies innovation, beauty, and usability
[21:20] <nixternal>  * Replaces KDesktop, Kicker, SuperKaramba, and more...
[21:20] <nixternal>  * Consists of containments, data engines, runners, plasmoids, and more...
[21:20] <nixternal>  * 4.1 with WebKit will include Mac Dashboard widget support
[21:20] <nixternal>  * 4.1 will include support for SuperKaramba widgets
[21:20] <nixternal>  * The language bindings for writing Plasmoids continues to grow
[21:21] <nixternal> One of the complaints we have been seeing is that there aren't many plasmoids available.
[21:21] <nixternal> Well with KDE 4.1 and WebKit, there will be thousands of widgets available for your desktop.
[21:21] <nixternal> ==== Oxygen ====
[21:22] <nixternal> Tell me that KDE isn't promoting environmentally safe computing?!?! we are providing you with oxygen!!
[21:22] <nixternal> breathe....
[21:22] <nixternal> When people hear about KDE 4 and Oxygen, one thing comes to mind: super sexy icons!
[21:22] <nixternal> Well, Oxygen is more than just icons, Oxygen is:
[21:22] <nixternal>  * Icons (duh we just said that!)
[21:22] <nixternal>  * Widget and window styling
[21:22] <nixternal>  * Mouse cursors (makes using the mouse fun again!)
[21:22] <nixternal>  * Audio theme (crank up those speakers and let everyone hear the love!)
[21:22] <nixternal> .....
[21:23] <nixternal> That concludes the beauty, make way for usability!
[21:23] <nixternal> .....
[21:23] <nixternal> KDE's goal has always been to make an easy-to-use computing environment.
[21:23] <nixternal> With KDE 4, this hasn't changed. KDE worked closely with the Open Usability project (http://openusability.org).
[21:23] <nixternal> One of the main goals for KDE 4 was to identify ideas that were lacking and work hard to make these ideas a reality.
[21:23] <nixternal> The research-driven development behind KDE 4 brought modern and extensive human interface guidelines
[21:23] <nixternal> These new guidelines provide the developers something to aim for, and seeing some of the updated applications, they aimed high and won!
[21:23] <nixternal> Why does this really matter? Easy, usable software makes the end user happy!
[21:24] <nixternal> .....
[21:24] <nixternal> Remember, KDE 4.0.x is not the KDE 4 we talked about....just wait until 4.1 - usability! usability! usability!
[21:24] <nixternal> .....
[21:25] <nixternal> === Portability ===
[21:25] <nixternal> I use Konqueror, Kate, Konsole, and more on my Windows and Mac desktops!
[21:25] <nixternal> WHAT?!?!?!
[21:25] <nixternal> One of the goals of KDE 4 was to make it portable, and making it portable is what they are doing, BIG TIME!
[21:25] <nixternal> With the KDE 4 libraries you can easily write a single application for multiple platforms!
[21:26] <nixternal> If you can put Linux on it, you can put KDE 4 on it! My toaster runs KDE 4!!!
[21:26] <nixternal> nothing like a plasmoid with a bit of jam spread!
[21:26] <nixternal> As we sit here in IRC, totally awake I hope, KDE 4 has the following platform support:
[21:26]  * nosrednaekim blinks
[21:27] <nixternal>  * Linux - libraries, backends, applications, and workspace - all in place
[21:27] <nixternal>  * Solaris - libraries, backends, applications, and workspace - all in place
[21:27] <nixternal>  * BSD - libraries, backends, applications, and workspace - all in place
[21:27] <nixternal>  * *nix - libraries and backends in place, applications and workspace in development
[21:27] <nixternal>  * Windows - libraries in place, backends and applications in development, workspace nonexistant
[21:27] <nixternal>  * Mac OS - libraries in place, backends and applications in development, workspace nonexistant
[21:27] <nixternal> whew, that was a lot to type!
[21:27] <nixternal> For those of you wanting to see more about KDE 4 and Windows, check out http://windows.kde.org
[21:28] <nixternal> .....
[21:28] <nixternal> === Functionality ===
[21:28] <nixternal> What is going to make KDE 4 so functional?
[21:28] <nixternal> There are so many new technologies and platforms included with KDE 4 that my head spins just thinking about them.
[21:28] <nixternal> The ones I will briefly cover include:
[21:29] <nixternal>  * Solid
[21:29] <nixternal>  * Sonnet
[21:29] <nixternal>  * NEPOMUK
[21:29] <nixternal>  * Strigi
[21:29] <nixternal>  * Phonon
[21:29] <nixternal>  * Akonadi
[21:29] <nixternal>  
[21:29] <nixternal> ==== Solid ====
[21:29] <nixternal> Listen up developers!
[21:29] <nixternal> Solid is a device integration framework aimed at developers.
[21:29] <nixternal> Solid does not manage your hardware, but it makes managing your hardware through a single API possible.
[21:30] <nixternal> Current backends for Solid include:
[21:30] <nixternal>  * HAL
[21:30] <nixternal>  * Networkmanager (or Networkmangler if you have problems with it)
[21:30] <nixternal>  * BlueZ
[21:30] <nixternal> If you are interested in utilizing Solid in your applications, I recommend that you review http://solid.kde.org
[21:30] <nixternal>  
[21:30] <nixternal> ==== Sonnet ====
[21:31] <nixternal> Even though i speak English only, and speak it badly, Sonnet totally rocks in some of its functions!
[21:31] <nixternal> Sonnet is a multilingual spell check application.
[21:31] <nixternal> Another spell check application you are asking? Heck no, this goes above and beyond any other spell checker I have experienced.
[21:31] <nixternal> So what makes it stand out?
[21:32] <nixternal>  * Automatic language detection - the language you are typing in, can be recognized by Sonnet within the first 20 characters typed
[21:32] <nixternal>  * Performance! - it is fast
[21:32] <nixternal>  * Various improvements in different languages
[21:32] <nixternal>  * Unlike KSpell2 which consisted of 7 components and had a complicated API, Sonnet has 1 component
[21:32] <nixternal>  * Provides the ability to have a primary and secondary dictionary
[21:32] <nixternal> a secondary dictionary could be something like...a dictionary filled with your 1337 AOL speaking skillz, or if you are a Doctor, your medical terms, and so on....
[21:33] <nixternal>  
[21:33] <nixternal> ==== NEPOMUK ====
[21:33] <nixternal> Not only does it have a weird name, but what it stands for is even weirder :)
[21:33] <nixternal> Networked Environment for Personalize, Ontology-based Management of Unified Knowledge
[21:33] <nixternal> YEAH! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!
[21:33] <nixternal> I think I will stick with NEPOMUK, that is way to many words to remember!
[21:34] <nixternal> So what exactly is this alien of an application? (Kubuntu - Linux for everyone, unlike Ubuntu who only covers humans...Kubuntu loves the aliens too!)
[21:34] <nixternal> First off, NEPOMUK isn't an application, it is an open-source specification.
[21:34] <nixternal> Huh?
[21:34] <nixternal> Ya, same exact thoughts here, but it is cool, or should I say KOOL?!?! (ya, I know all of you just went, "OMG! did he really just put a K in there, my what a loser!")
[21:34] <nixternal> NEPOMUK is a specification that is concerned with the development of the Social Semantic Desktop.
[21:34] <nixternal> Social Sem..WHAT?
[21:35] <nixternal>  * Social - of or relating to human society, the interaction of the individual and the group (m-w.com)
[21:35] <nixternal>  * Semantic - of or relating to meaning in language (m-w.com)
[21:35] <nixternal>  * Desktop - I hope you know what this is!
[21:35] <nixternal> OK, so what does it really mean? After breaking down each word, NEPOMUK brings them together to provide your computer the needs in order to more easily share data between various applications and tasks.
[21:35] <nixternal> and sharing can be taken further!
[21:35] <nixternal> Maybe http://nepomuk.kde.org can help you understand NEPOMUK a bit better.
[21:35] <nixternal>  
[21:35] <nixternal> ==== Strigi ====
[21:36] <nixternal> Strigi is a fast and light-weight desktop-independent search daemon.
[21:36] <nixternal> In KDE 4, Strigi is the core component of the semantic desktop.
[21:36] <nixternal> Strigi indexes just about anything!
[21:36] <nixternal> If you were disappointed with Strigi in KDE 3, well don't worry, it is way better, far more stable, and not as agressive in KDE 4.
[21:36] <nixternal> unless of course you are on battery, right fdoving? :)
[21:36] <nixternal>  
[21:36] <nixternal> ==== Phonon ====
[21:36] <nixternal> Phonon is a cross platform multimedia API, aimed at developers. Phonon is NOT a multimedia framework, but it does interface with existing frameworks.
[21:36] <nixternal> Some of the features and benefits of Phonon include:
[21:37] <nixternal>  * Pluggable backends - Gstreamer, Xine, and more...
[21:37] <nixternal>  * Easily switch backends on the fly
[21:37] <nixternal>  * Included in Qt 4.4!
[21:37] <nixternal>  * Provides a great control of your accessories in combination with Solid
[21:37] <nixternal>  * A central place for audio and video related configurations
[21:37] <nixternal>  * Automatic device selection
[21:37] <nixternal> The last bullet point, automatic device selection, is very cool.
[21:37] <nixternal> Phonon will act on a signal from Solid and automatically make use of the accessory/device where requested.
[21:37] <nixternal> An example of this would be when you plug in a USB headset, your VoIP application would automatically switch from using the internal soundcard to the headset so you can start chatting away with granny!
[21:38] <nixternal> More information on Phonon can be found at http://phonon.kde.org
[21:38] <nixternal>  
[21:38] <nixternal> ==== Akonadi ====
[21:38] <nixternal> Akonadi used to be the new Personal Information Management (PIM) framework for KDE, but just recently that has all changed.
[21:38] <nixternal> The developers have pulled out all of the KDE essentials out of the framework, allowing other systems to easily incorporate it into their applications without having to depend on the KDE libraries. Cool!
[21:38] <nixternal> Akonadi's goal is to provide a single extensible data storage solution for PIM applications.
[21:38] <nixternal> Akonadi will also include search, a library/cache, as well as notification of data changes.
[21:38] <nixternal>  
[21:39] <nixternal> That concludes KDE 4 - a super brief intro....so what does this have to do with Ubuntu or Kubuntu?
[21:39] <nixternal>  
[21:39] <nixternal> Well, to be honest, the future of Kubuntu and KDE 4 is still open.
[21:39] <nixternal> Kubuntu is definitely on the right track and luckily got involved with the KDE 4 development process over a year ago.
[21:40] <nixternal> Many people didn't like the decision to drop LTS for our 8.04 release, and either did many of the developers to be honest.
[21:40] <nixternal> The reasons behind the non-LTS decision related to:
[21:40] <nixternal>  * Kubuntu is a 2nd class citizen
[21:40] <nixternal> HAH! I GOT YOU!
[21:40] <nixternal> so don't ask about that when the Q&A starts :p
[21:40] <nixternal> The real reasons are:
[21:40] <nixternal>  * Unknown timeframe for the continued support for KDE 3.5 by the KDE community
[21:41] <nixternal>  * KDE 4.0 wouldn't be stable enough for a LTS release
[21:41] <nixternal>  * Kubuntu didn't have the support contracts in order to justify continuing on a LTS track at this time
[21:41] <nixternal> Another question we see is, "Will 8.10 be a LTS release since it will include KDE 4.1?"  The answer is no. If we were to do LTS, then that would mean every other project within Ubuntu would have to do the same, as we rely on the same base.
[21:41] <nixternal> Anyways, back to KDE 4 lovin'!
[21:41] <nixternal> and Kubuntu lovin!
[21:41] <nixternal> With UDS coming up, all of the KDE 4 issues involving Kubuntu haven't been decided upon. We will know more after UDS of course.
[21:42] <nixternal> A few things we are looking into at this time include:
[21:42] <nixternal>  * A personal Gulfstream for Kubuntu developers
[21:42] <nixternal>  * Moving KDE 4 into main, and moving KDE 3 into universe
[21:42] <nixternal>  * Working with upstream and other distributions to create a unified migration utility from KDE 3 to KDE 4
[21:42] <nixternal>  * Converting our Qt3 applications to Qt4
[21:42] <nixternal>  * What kind of changes Kubuntu will make in order to stand out from the crowd
[21:43] <nixternal> This is where YOU, the user or the developer come in!
[21:43] <nixternal> or the user and the developer in you :)
[21:43] <nixternal> We need all of YOU, and I mean those who don't even use KDE or Kubuntu, to give us a try and help mold our future.
[21:43] <nixternal> What we will need is this:
[21:43] <nixternal>  * A Gulfstream
[21:43] <nixternal>  * Bug reporters and triagers
[21:43] <nixternal>  * Documentation writers (a whole army would be nice! Check back on Friday @ 21:00 UTC for my documentation talk here at Open Week)
[21:44] <nixternal>  * Developers! Developers! Developers!  (I just got up and did the monkey dance too!)
[21:44] <nixternal> but more importantly!
[21:44] <nixternal>  * Community! Community! Community! (oh man, I think I just broke my arm!)
[21:44] <nixternal> Remember, what you are seeing right now is KDE 4.0, the developers release so-to-speak. 4.1 will be out in a few more months which will mean stability, usability, and functionality for all.
[21:44] <nixternal> If you have been looking for a project to get involved with, Kubuntu and KDE 4 is that project.
[21:44] <nixternal> Come join us and be a part of the future!
[21:44] <nixternal>  
[21:45] <nixternal> and now for the part you all have been waiting for!!!
[21:45] <nixternal>  
[21:45] <nixternal> = Conclusion =
[21:45] <nixternal> I would like to thank each and every one of you for attending this meeting.
[21:45] <nixternal> I hope it wasn't to boring for you and that you are now ready to explode with questions, comments, and ideas.
[21:45] <nixternal> I ask that you provide your question, comments, or ideas in accordance to the rules set forth in the discussion channel for the Open Week talks.
[21:45] <nixternal> Thanks again and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask, and comments and ideas can be fired my way as well.
[21:45] <nixternal>  
[21:45] <nixternal> nosrednaekim: start with the questions!!!
[21:46] <nosrednaekim> <greg-g> NOTAQUESTION: I have an adult sized tricycle for you nixternal, no gulfstream though?
[21:46] <nixternal> greg-g: is that the same one you rode to Penguicon? I will take it!
[21:46] <nosrednaekim> <gkatsev> QUESTION: should I wait till 4.1 to try it out, or is it safe to try it out now?
[21:46]  * nixternal pushes the seat belt button on greg-g's Chrome bag
[21:47] <nixternal> gkatsev: I think it is safe for you to try out...the nice thing is, you can run it side-by-side your stable setup to play with
[21:47] <nosrednaekim> <SzArAk> QUESTION: is sonnet another abstraction layer for dictionaries? Is it a kind of API for between programs and ispell/aspell whatever, or is it independent from things like aspell?
[21:47] <nixternal> I would enjoy people who are unsure about it to give it a shot, how else are we going to perfect it
[21:47] <nosrednaekim> oops.. sorry :)
[21:48] <nixternal> SzArAk: as it stands, I am not 100% sure...I think it is independent, but at the same time, it wouldn't make sense to rewrite entire dictionaries...I will look into that and get more info for you or anyone else interested
[21:49] <nosrednaekim>  <davidmac> QUESTION: What is the future of compiz + KDE on kubuntu?   Seems there is some overlap.
[21:50] <nixternal> davidmac: as KDE 4.1 comes out with all of the compositing glory it has in trunk, I think the need for Compiz and KDE 4 will disappear. But Compiz and KDE 3.5 is still something many will use...now to get Compiz developers to fix all of the bugs on their KDE side of things
[21:50] <nosrednaekim> <d33d> QUESTION: Where can I find more information about submitting bugs or how to (because I'm new to submitting bugs) for Kubuntu?
[21:50] <nixternal> s/Compiz and KDE 4/KDE 4 with Compiz/
[21:51] <nosrednaekim> nixternal: If i'm not giving you enough time... yell at me :)
[21:51] <nixternal> d33d: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/HelpingWithBugs
[21:51] <nixternal> nosrednaekim: perfect, keep on rocking!
[21:51] <nosrednaekim>  <Daisuke_Ido> QUESTION: How much did the Steve Ballmer Enthusiasm Correspondence Course cost?
[21:52] <nixternal> $13
[21:52] <nixternal> oh wait
[21:52] <nixternal> $0.99 - got the audio version on iTunes :p
[21:52] <nosrednaekim> <ligemeget> QUESTION: Will we have to wait for Intrepid in order to get Amarok v.2?
[21:53] <nixternal> ligemeget: my magic 8 ball says 'No' - apachelogger_ will have a package for Hardy users when it is ready :)
[21:53] <nixternal> ligemeget: we will put up a hardy ppa with kde4 updates, including amarok
[21:53] <nixternal> so hardy users can continue loving KDE 4 updates :)
[21:53] <nosrednaekim> it all depends on how good/fast daSkreech is :)
[21:53] <nixternal> haha
[21:53] <nosrednaekim>  <ligemeget> QUESTION: Does Kubuntu documentation use the same wiki as Ubuntu documentation (help.ubuntu.com)?
[21:54] <nixternal> ligemeget: yes - however there are some docs that could be written to include the Kubuntu side of things - and of course it is open for everyone to edit :)
[21:55] <nixternal> Riddell: note we should look at a help.kubuntu.org redirect like we have with wiki.kubuntu.org?
[21:55] <nosrednaekim> <jfeby> QUESTION: Will 4.1 be available for Hardy? Will it be in backports, or will it be in the PPA launchpad repos like 4 was for Gutsy?
[21:55] <nixternal> jfeby: PPA - that way we don't have to go through all of the troubles of uploading to an LTS base that Ubuntu also uses, nor do we have to file all of the proper paperwork :)
[21:55] <nosrednaekim>  <Lardarse> QUESTION: where did the name nixternal come from?
[21:56] <nixternal> Lardarse: back in 1974, when I was born, my mom and dad looked at me and said...
[21:56] <nixternal> "This boy is UNIX, and he is that forever"
[21:56] <nixternal> or
[21:56] <nixternal> "My god our son is ugly, is he gone (nixed) forever (eternal)?"
[21:57] <nixternal> NIX from UNIX, and Ternal from Eternal :)
[21:57] <nosrednaekim> <davidmac> QUESTION:  Are the python kde libraries time with releases?  Or is that totally separate project with its own timeline.
[21:58] <nixternal> davidmac: well it is in kdesvn, but I believe it is seperate from the rest of KDE to an extent
[21:58] <nixternal> I almost answered that as if it were PyQt
[21:58] <jcastro> time for one more question
[21:58] <Riddell> it's in kdebindings, released with the rest of KDE
[21:58] <nixternal> ok
[21:58] <nosrednaekim> Azag: QUESTION: Do you think that 2 grapich librares (GTK and QT) it is bad for Free Software? I mean, very good aplications like K3B and Amarok dont work at 100% in GTK (gnome or xfce) and GTK programs dont run at 100% in QT. It is not better to have one library?
[21:58] <nixternal> oh ya, derr, you would think I would know that since I worked ont hat package
[21:58] <nosrednaekim> ok jcastro
[21:59] <nixternal> Azag: wow, tough one...I say it isn't, as it gives all of us a choice, but I do understand those who take the side of it being an issue with the free software adoption
[21:59] <nixternal> we love choice, but not many people understand that choice...what I love is we have 2 really amazing platforms for you to pick from and learn to love either one
[22:00] <nixternal>  
[22:00] <nixternal> thanks again everyone for showing up, staying awake, and asking questions...I will be in #kubuntu-devel to field even more if you would like
[22:00] <nixternal> ROCK ON EVERYONE!

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