Ubuntu Open Week - Using Launchpad PPAs - Celso Providelo - Tue, Apr 29, 2008

[20:04] <cprov> Hi, welcome to the another UbuntuOpenWeek session, during the next hour we will talk about Launchpad PPAs.

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[20:05] <cprov> I will paste the initial agenda for this session, feel free to suggest new topics in the -chat channel

[20:05] <cprov> The initial agenda is:

[20:05] <cprov>  * Roll call

[20:05] <cprov>  * Documentation:

[20:05] <cprov>  * Q & A : use #ubuntu-classroom-chat

[20:05] <cprov>  * Top 5 bug nomination:

[20:06] <cprov> so, let's start with the call:  who is here for the PPA session ?

[20:06] <cprov> err, I guess you will have to answer in #$this-chat

[20:07] <cprov> 12 and growing ...

[20:08] <cprov> Documentation we already have is summarised in

[20:09] <cprov> Everyone should go there and have a quick look, I've added new sections about Delete/Copy packages

[20:09] <cprov> also about PPA dependencies.

[20:09] <cprov> I will update that again after the session, if you have any contribution, please add it there.

[20:10] <cprov> Once you've read that document you can star making question.

[20:11] <cprov> Also, anyone interested in starting a PPA right now, be my guest. The publisher will run on :20 and :40 and the builders as faster than ever :)

[20:12] <cprov> Monika|K: Yeah, can you start with, like, what is it and what is it for?

[20:12] <cprov> of course.

[20:12] <cprov> PPA stads for Personal Package Archives

[20:13] <cprov> After designing Soyuz to manage ubuntu archive (some could say it was dak reverse engineering)

[20:14] <cprov> we decided to encapsulate all the services involved in it, in a way it could be useful for other 
individual or groups

[20:14] <cprov> phoenix24: How can I start my PPA ?

[20:15] <cprov> PPA is one of the features provided for Launchpad users, any Launchpad user can activate a PPA for his 
account or team

[20:15] <cprov> QUESTION:  I'm not sure if I should use my name, or a project name for a PPA account, advice on 

[20:16] <cprov> it's really up to you, PPA will be attached to a launchpad user or team. You can have both.

[20:16] <cprov> progfou: I have one: how to build the packages for two distributions (say Gutsy and Hardy) from the 
same source ? or is-it just not the "Right Way"™ ?

[20:17] <cprov> right, we have recently released Copy-packages feature for beta-testers (edge) it will be available 
for everyone thursday.

[20:18] <cprov> it allows you to *copy* a source from one series to another (for a rebuild) and if you think the 
binaries will fit you can copy them too.

[20:18] <cprov> see more information in the wiki page I mentioned above.

[20:19] <cprov> QUESTION: Do we have PPA for LoCal teams?

[20:20] <cprov> not by default, activating a PPA requires a team admin to accept the PPA Terms of Service, available 
in if you wonna check

[20:20] <cprov> pwnguin: QUESTION: will people ever be able to report bugs against an individual's ppa?

[20:21] <cprov> pwnguin: not until July, this aspect is under discussion right now, many people think that filing bugs 
on PPA is misleading since the efforts done in PPA are intended to reach ubuntu.

[20:21] <cprov> claydoh: QUESTION: is it possible to have packages created for more than one distribution without 
needing to re-upload the same source package?

[20:22] <cprov> claydoh: that is one of the use-cases for copy-ui feature that I've mentioned above.

[20:22] <cprov> Monika|K: Question: I still don't understand what it is and what it does.

[20:23] <cprov> Monika|K: right, developers create source packages (in debian format)

[20:24] <cprov> Monika|K: PPA (as Soyuz itself) process/verify the sources, publish then in a archive 
(, build publish its binaries  also in a.u.c so they can be mirrored and installed by users like 

[20:25] <cprov> QUESTION: The Link to the Packaging Guide does not work:

[20:25] <cprov> that's bad ... I will fix it later, sorry.

[20:25] <cprov> UESTION: Do packages need to be of sufficient quality for potential inclusion in Ubuntu, or could 
local builds be hosted on a PPA for, say, a corporate rollout?

[20:26] <cprov> toobuntu: I'm not sure I understood your question.

[20:27] <cprov> toobuntu: anyway, the general answer is yes, ubuntu inclusion will be judge by MOTU. OTOH, you don't 
necessary have to aim ubuntu you can have your packages hosted in PPA as long as they are GPL (-like)

[20:28] <cprov> mfm: QUESTIOn Do I have to provide the Source in a special way for my PPA?

[20:29] <cprov> mfm: no, nothing is special about PPA, it works exactly and Soyuz works for ubuntu PRIMARY archive. 
upload a proper debian source package via ftp using the well known debian/ubuntu dev-tools

[20:29] <cprov> rZr: QUESTION: when intrepid target will unfreeze, when the toolchains ready I expect ?

[20:30] <cprov> rZr: it's not related to PPAs :)

[20:30] <cprov> progfou: QUESTION: is there a way to let PPA automaticaly get it's sources from a Launchpad project 
(say ?

[20:31] <cprov> progfou: there is a feature coming after July that will allow you to build source package straight 
from bzr branches hosted in Launchpad.

[20:33] <cprov> rZr: oh, I see what you mean, but ubuntu release cycle is tied to PPA and vice versa, you can upload 
to intrepid PPA right now if want.

[20:34] <cprov> ScottK: QUESTION: Since Ubuntu derives from Debian Sid, it is often good to know how something works 
on Sid to enhance inter-distro collaboration.  Are there any plans to support PPA for Debian Unstable or Testing?

[20:35] <cprov> ScottK: yes, there are plans in this area, importing debian archive frequently and maintaining up to 
date chroots for debian will be great, sync would be done entire inside Soyuz/Launchpad

[20:35] <cprov> we will have news in this area soon.

[20:35] <cprov> ScottK: QUESTION: Currently it seems that the only place links to build logs can be found is in PPA 
failed to build mails.  Are there plans to expose build logs in the UI?

[20:36] <cprov> ScottK: they are very well exposed in

[20:37] <cprov> ScottK: and each build their own page with more details.

[20:40] <cprov> rZr: QUESTION: I would appreciate that email alerts on failure can be disable ? is this planned too ?

[20:40] <cprov> rZr: there is not bug filed for this, I thought it was fine. Feel free to add one (product soyuz, tag 

[20:41] <cprov> that's important to note, bugs about PPA feature requests, etc always use product 'soyuz' and the tag 

[20:41] <cprov> morten: QUESTION: so after uploading the source, how can people access my package? they have to add a 
deb entry for it i guess? (in /etc/apt/sources.list)

[20:42] <cprov> morten: sorry for ignoring your question.

[20:42] <cprov> morten: well, 'access' is a very broad term, once it's uploaded the source can be viewed and 
downloaded from your PPA page.

[20:43] <cprov> morten: in order to install the binaries built from your source they will have to include the deb 
entries for your PPA

[20:46] <cprov> rulus: QUESTION: Are there plans on 'merging' PPA and REVU services? I feel like these are kind of 
similar. One could subscribe in a 'REVU' team and upload a source package to it's PPA to get it reviewed. This would, 
among others, bring the advantage that PPA/Soyuz checks if the package builds first before valuable MOTU time is used.

[20:48] <cprov> rulus: in the next month we will start storing debdiffs for all uploads, PPAs and primary archive and 
that will be another large step towards REVU features

[20:48] <cprov> rulus: I'm not sure if PPA will replace REVU, since it has it's own context and have been used 
successfully for a long time

[20:49] <cprov> surely PPA will incorporate REVU nice aspects and be used by MOTU to review packages in getting in 

[20:49] <cprov> progfou: QUESTION: once we have successfully build our packages with PPA, what's the next step to let 
them enter Universe (or is it just not the right course to ask for this?)

[20:50] <cprov> progfou: entering in the MOTU review procedure, PPA doesn't replace it, just make it easier for all 
people involved.

[20:53] <cprov> so, last 7 minutes, let's move on.

[20:53] <cprov> Please add other questions at the end of

[20:54] <cprov> Finally, Top 5 bug nomination:

[20:55] <cprov> There you will be able to find all bugs in the PPA system, check them before filling new ones

[20:56] <cprov> Be sure the features you want are listed there

[20:57] <cprov> And if you want and have time, blog about the top 5 features you would like to see released for PPAs, 
or the top 5 annoying bugs you would like to see fixed ASAP

[20:58] <cprov> rZr: about debian build ; this is filed  :

[20:58] <cprov> right, that's in my list too, I'd love to see debian PPAs running

[20:59] <cprov> it would enforce the ubuntu/debian collaboration relationship mentioned in the last session.

[21:01] <cprov> Anyway, push your ideas, blog about them, file bugs, come and talk on #launchpad. I will be more than 
happy to discuss them with you.

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