The Ubuntu community should be able to easily learn about what each team and committee are doing. A form of public disclosure of discussion and activity should be made. Each team and committee should have their meetings documented and available on

Currently there is MeetingLogs that is documenting meetings held on freenode's #ubuntu-meeting channel. Most meetings are taken from Fabbione's IRC log site due to the fact that meeting times fail to coincide with the current maintainer of Meetinglogs. Some meetings are not being held in #ubuntu-meeting, which make it more difficult to maintain.

Meeting Logs are just the IRC traffic during the meeting. The conversations can be difficult to follow when replies come out-of-sync and contain back-traffic of non-pertitent communication.


  • Explore Reasons for lack of desire in publishing 'minutes' of IRC meetings.
    • I have spoken with Kiko on launchpad and discovered that using a calendar to even schedule meetings was not well used.
  • Develop an automatic method of just collecting meetings on IRC.
    • This is important when the community is using multiple channels to hold meetings. A method would be to recomend that all meetings be in one channel, but easier would be to just state the meeting is on this network, this channel, between these times, and just grab that portion of IRC traffic.
  • Once IRC logs are collected post them. Logs are currently on the wiki, but I am talking with Kiko on lauchpad about the possibility of using the Team homepages. The logs need to be accessible to at least the Team that is going to summarize them.
  • Develop a team that would summarize the Logs and submit them to the Team's leader of that meeting. Team Leader would PGP sign them in statement of approval and make them official. These summaries would then replace the log file. Long term I think we need to show the feasability of this work flow to Launchpad, having most of the features intergrated in based the demonstrated workflow. The features I see that would be implemented are:
    • Calendar accessible from the team's page. Sets up an IRC meeting noting: Team, Date, Network, Channel, Start time, End time, Grace time, and Related Distribution.

    • Logging Script would use the Calendaring Component to implement a capture of the IRC meeting. This capture would be placed in Related Distribution que and read-only on the Teams page.

    • Summary Que based on Related Distribution would be used by a 'Distro Summary group' to draft a summary of the log captured. The draft of the meeting summary then would be posted on the page for Team who had the meeting.

    • Approval by a member of the Team of a draft summary would be done by signing with their PGP key. This would be like any other group approving minutes.


  • The Summary group will be able to place the logs and official summaries on the Meeting Logs and Summaries wiki page.

This seems a little involved, but I feel it uses resources the best. This method is extendable to all distros on Launchpad as well, which make the feature more useful.

Anyone interested in helping or commenting contact AusImage.


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