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  • LP should provide a facility to track team meetings. This facility would include the time date and place as well as details of the meeting. This facility would have the potentional to track future events as well as storing accounts of past events.


  • Teams hold meetings all the time. Having good records of past meetings is essential. Posting times of future events is helpful.

Use cases

  • Tom's team holds meetings regularly and is currently just posting them on a wiki. The wiki is not helping the team locate the past meetings or announce future meetings efficiently.


  • The scope of this feature wil be limited to a primary purpose of a way to post an agenda document with a date time and place attached. After a meeting the post can be edited to include the summary in the document. A secondary purpose will be to allow members to access a schedule based on the data attached to document via ical.


I have noticed a meetings feature in LP now, but I feel it needs to be intergrated into the Teams Page. Below is my idea as to what is need in a very basic feature.

Database Needs

  • The table will require only 4 fields to begin with. A universal timestamp that incorpates the date and time in a single numerical field. A variable character field that will hold the place be it an irc channel or physical address. A text blob that will contain the details of the event. The team that posted the event will be noted as well.

Webform Needs

  • The webform for input will contain a multi-field input to allow for adding a date time and timezone in manner that will be comfortable to most users. The multi-fields will be processed into a universal time stamp. The form will also hold a field to accept a place name be it a physical address or irc channel. The previous fields should probably be a input once type, so that the user input from those can not change after it is added. The last field will hold the details of the event and maybe edited many times.

WebText Needs

  • The data collected will allow for display by any LP user. The page will translate the timestamp into a user friendly time-adjusted format. The team that submitted the form will be next, followed by place the event will be held. Finally, the details will be listed.


  • I see this being implemented like current features already on LP. Basic forms currently being used could possibly be reused for the meeting track feature. Like the bug feature lists all bugs and bugs assigned to a team. The meeting feature will list all meetings by their timestamp and could be filtered by team. Just like clicking on a bug shows details of that bug so will clicking on a meeting. The feature would be accessible from the team page itself. The additional dillema will be to design a feature to translate the meetings stored in the database into an ical service that could be used by members of LP in their personal calendar app. This feature would be available on a per team basis, but have the possibilitie to allow aggregates of many teams as one service.


Data preservation and migration

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