I am a php/mysql web developer by trade and I've lived in 3 countries. Currently I live in California.

I began playing with livecds in 2005 and I've been using Linux, primarily Ubuntu since approximately July 2005.

I've been an ordinary member on the Australian national Linux user body Linux Australia and was the Secretary of the Sydney local LUG, Sydney Linux Users Group.


IRC(freenode): elky

IRC(oftc): elky

Email: melissa [at] meldraweb [dot] com




  • AustralianTeam

  • Marketing Team
  • LoCoTeams

    • Former LoCo Mentoring

  • Attended several UDSs
  • Hosted Several UbuntuOpenWeek sessions

  • IRC
    • Served on the IRC Council for various terms since it began
    • IRC Op since like 2006
  • Been involved in Ubuntu Women since the early days
  • Former RMB member for Asia-Oceania
  • Previously done some packaging, not currently

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