I am a php/mysql web developer by trade, working for Catalyst IT in New Zealand on Mahara.

I began playing with livecds such as Knoppix and Damn Small Linux since around April 2005 and I've been using Linux, primarily Ubuntu since approximately July 2005. It has been my primary Operating System since some time in January 2006, and while I have tinkered with other distros out of curiosity, Ubuntu has firmly remained as my preference.

I've been an ordinary member on the Australian national Linux user body Linux Australia and the Secretary of my local LUG, Sydney Linux Users Group.

I like my operating systems like I like my cars - already assembled and without any rust spots.


IRC(freenode): elky

IRC(oftc): elky

Jabber: and (rarely if ever online)

Email: melissa [at] meldraweb [dot] com




The Future

My dream is not to have every computer in the world running Ubuntu, although it would be nice. Rather, I dream of the day that everyone knows that they have a choice.

I enjoy working with all the wonderful people in this community to help Ubuntu grow and be strong, and I hope to remain a part of it.

Testimonials for UW Leadership

  • I'm so glad Melissa is willing to help out with leadership in the UW project. She's been a guiding force in the project for years and her enthusiasm and knowledge of the Ubuntu ecosystem is very much needed to help continue the progress this group has made. I'm happy to endorse for this role and look forward to working with her on this and other projects. Good Luck - Dinda

  • I strongly support Melissa for one of the leadership roles in the Ubuntu-Women project. I really think people like her who have a long standing commitment and a profound knowledge of the project are the most capable to lead the group. So glad she is running for the job Smile :) -- myriam 2010-06-08 21:52:28

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