The Wikispace of Mel Mazzone


He's young, handsome, geeky, and has an obsession with translating american spellings and sayings into Australian ones, because he fears the americans are trying to take over the world... what's new eh?

About him:

Geographically located in Adelaide, South Australia, Mel has had an interest in computers for nearly half his life. Although he'd experimented with Linux before (mainly Mandrake and Xandros), In early 2005, he changed completely over to an Ubuntu system and hasn't looked back since. Mel uses Kubuntu with the latest KDE because he likes shiny things, and Can't get enough of Quanta+ and Amarok. (ok, I know thats a poor excuse for using KDE, but its true...)

In his spare time, Mel enjoys website development (with PHP) and working as a volunteer fire fighter in the Country Fire Service (See An article he wrote)

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