Ubuntu Official Ubuntu Membership means recognition of significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu or the Ubuntu community.

LinkedIn "Official Ubuntu Members" Group

LinkedIn is a tool for helping build your career. (We collected a list, if you are looking for other social networks, probably with a different focus.)

Previously there has been an official group for official Ubuntu Members but this is currently not available. The Community Council and Membership Boards have been advised and are working to resolve this (as at 27/12/2014).


When you apply for a new job, recommendations are an important way to understand how a person has interacted with others in former projects or jobs.

If you worked together with somebody whose work you deeply admired, consider writing a recommendation on LinkedIn. This will definitely be appreciated.

If you have a question, you've found an error|improvement on this page or wish to give private testimonials email (your message may initially be held for moderation).

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