Ubuntu Official Ubuntu Membership means recognition of significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu or the Ubuntu community.

Why is there a rejoining process?

If you became an Ubuntu Member directly via the Ubuntu Membership Board in the past but let your membership expire, instead of reapplying to be a member, you can answer a few simple questions about your future involvement in Ubuntu. This is to ensure that you are still interested in Ubuntu and that you still plan on contributing to the project.

When do I need to follow this process?

If you were previously an Ubuntu Member and you intentionally left the team more than one month ago, you need to go through this process to reaffirm your Ubuntu membership. If your membership expired more than one year ago, you also need to go through this process again. If it has been less than that, send an email to the Ubuntu Membership Board (preferably GPG-signed) stating that you still wish to be an Ubuntu Member.

What is the process?

Answer the following questions in an email to the Ubuntu Membership Board:

When did you originally become an Ubuntu Member and when did your membership expire or leave the team?
(Please provide a link to your wiki and Launchpad pages.)

Before and during the duration of your Ubuntu Membership, how did you contribute to the project?
Do you plan on contributing the same way as before, and if not, how will your contributions differ?

Why did you leave the team or let your membership expire in the first place?
What has changed that makes you want to contribute again and what steps have you taken towards doing so?
Can we help in any way?

Your answers do not have to be long or detailed, but should accurately address the questions.

After your email has been sent, a member of the board will send you a response that we have received it. From there, provided that no members of the board have any questions, we will re-add you to the Launchpad team, thus reinstating you as an Ubuntu Member.

Two months after reinstatement, a member of the board will send you a short email checking in on how your contributions are going.

If you prove that you have made steady contributions in that time, then no further action needs to be taken by us. Welcome back. Smile :)

However, if we do not receive a response to that email within a sufficient period of time, or you have not sufficiently contributed to the project in that time, we will ask you to go through the Ubuntu Membership process again.

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