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MichealH non IRC.freenode.net

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Ubuntu 11.04 Desktop Edition (Classic - Unity hates me as much as I hate it.)


About Me

I am Micheal Harker, a 14 year old from Durham,UK. I have contributed to Ubuntu quite a bit in the past 2 years. I have used Ubuntu for 4 years and I have thoroughly enjoyed using Ubuntu. Ubuntu has shaped me into the FOSS/OSS loving person I am today, if it actually was not for Ubuntu, I would not have even considered Linux. I am considered a Administration and Developing Guy and I am relaxed and keen to meet people from all parts of Ubuntu. I have my Testimonials at the bottom of the page, so if you would like to see what people have to say about me, please do look at the bottom, Thanks!

Now on to the (possibly boring) stuff, my Contributions Wink ;-)


Me and the Community

Not only do I develop and administrate teams, I also do some very good stuff. I do good stuff Internally and Externally, meaning all past teams of Ubuntu and (now Upstream) projects like SpeechControl and The SII, with Ubuntu's Own teams. Here are a few of my teams! I am elected as a Potential IRC Staff member on FOSSNet on July 2011. Elections commence 8/7/11. My dedication for the project has shown as many teams now take me on as a admin, simply If I even join. I provide a IRC Bot for people to publicly use. It is MootBot-AT and it even is recognised as a Ubuntu Bot, with a Bot cloak on Freenode. I work alot with the community in many teams to improve the experience of my teams overall, I am totally open to all concerns people may have, I like citisism (as long as it is constructive!) I look out for the community also, If someone comes to me with a Real Life issue I can use myself as a way of venting their emotions and am there as a lifeline for quite a few people who may have alot of issues making them really emotionally unstable.

Internal Teams

  • Ubuntu Accessibility
  • Ubuntu Austria (ADMIN)
  • Ubuntu Beginners Team
  • Ubuntu Drupal
  • Ubuntu Tour (ADMIN)
  • Ubuntu UK (My LoCo)

  • Ubuntu Website
  • Ubuntu Youth (CHANNEL OP)
  • Lubuntu (CHANNEL OP)
  • OMG!Ubuntu! (CHANNEL OP)

External Teams (Some not Ubuntu-based)

  • Ubuntu SpeechControl (ADMIN) RESIGNED



  • Minecraft
  • Opunity (FOUNDER)



IRC Is my Life, If you need me urgently PM me, I am always online and I will get your message when I sign-in. I love IRC! I am in almost all of the team channels I listed above. I am sometimes very busy, but will always be happy to take my time to talk. Also, I am saying this on a new line so everyone knows:

DO NOT ASK to PM me, I will not bite Smile :-)

I get involved in many as 10 IRC Networks, I am a IRC Staff member on 3 and I have been elected for FOSSNet as a IRC Staffer. My knowledge of IRC Servers and Commands/modes ect has shown I am not a pretty face at IRC. Out of FOSSNet's current staffers 2 of 4 core staffers support me being a staffer.



I have written 2 tutorials, I sure do hope to make some more in the future! These are the 2 I have made, enjoy (and ask questions Wink ;-) )



I am a Ubuntu Beginners Team Guide and I accept people in the UTC -2 to +2 timezone. But currently I have 1 apprentice.


Alex's List

Apprentice Alex Averill

Master Micheal Harker

Last Contact Date: 4 JULY 2011



Date Completed

Wiki Page Created



Knowledge of BT IRC Channels



Identified Focus Group(s)



Launchpad Registered



Ubuntu Forums Registered



Signed Ubuntu Code of Conduct








If you wish to describe any of my contributions to the Ubuntu Community, please do so below. Thank You.

MichealH has proven to be an excellent programmer. He has done great work on InfernoBot and SpeechControl and I really enjoy having him in the team. I can just recommend him for UBT membership and Ubuntu Membership! -- Daniel0108

Micheal has been a contributer at Ubuntu forums for some time. I find he is polite, enthusiastic, and eager to learn. He always shows respect to myself and others. I have kept up to date with his new Ubuzine and am quite eager to watch the project continue. - Virgil Brummond

I have collaborated with Micheal on IRC, and he is a very capable leader. His leadership qualities are best seen in his work on the Ubuntu Tour project and its website. Moreover, he is very much interested in Ubuntu Development and he often asks me on IRC about it. He plans to get involved in it as well. I strongly endorse his membership application. Bilal Akhtar

Micheal certainly started his involvement in Ubuntu with enthusiasm, it is good to see that this has now been sustained for quite some time and Micheal is getting involved in contributing to more teams and taking part in activities such as classroom sessions. -- alanbell 2010-12-07 12:36:03

This young man has astounded me with his progress. He is joy to have around, knowledgeable, friendly and his willingness to both help out on teams coupled with his desire to pass on what he has learned is a true testament to this young man. cproffit as always, you were right. He is a fantastic guy who I fully support for his UBT and Ubuntu membership. phillw 2011-02-14 00:08:10

Micheal has, in my time with him, matured to a point beyond that of his peers; he is accepting, moral and dedicated to the teams he is involved with, and is one of the few people I would trust to deal with complex issues. I have no doubt he will age into a much respected and beloved member of the F/OSS community.

Danté Ashton 2011-05-18 13:18:59


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