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Want to talk with members of the Michigan LoCo Team right now?

Join the IRC channel #ubuntu-us-mi on Freenode

Joining IRC

  • Check out the Ubuntu help page on Internet Relay Chat. It should clear up most issues you have.

  • You can find us on channel #ubuntu-us-mi on the server
  • You can use a program such as irssi, XChat, pidgin, ChatZilla, or go here for a browser-based solution.

Quick Instructions for Pidgin

Assuming Ubuntu is already installed:

  1. Click on Applications > Internet > Pidgin Instant Messenger

  2. The first time that it is opened, you will be asked to add an account.
  3. Click on the Add button, then in the Protocol menu select IRC.
  4. Type in your desired screen name for the chat session. You may leave everything else as it is.
  5. Click on save. If you see a checkbox that says "Enabled" above it, make sure that it is checked.
  6. You will be connected to the Ubuntu chat servers, from which you can have two options:
    • You can join the generic Ubuntu channel, where hundreds of people are available willing to help you.
      • To do this, type /join #ubuntu once you are connected.

    • You may also join the Michigan channel if you want more local support.
      • For the Michigan chat channel, type /join #ubuntu-us-mi once connected.

  7. Ask away!

Quick Instructions for XChat

Assuming Ubuntu is already installed.

  1. Open a terminal Applications > Accessories > Terminal

    1. Use the following command to install XChat sudo apt-get install xchat

  2. Once install open it with Applications > Internet > XChat

    1. The first time it is opened the Network List dialog will open
    2. XChat uses your Ubuntu login information to prefill the Nickname, Username, and Real Name boxes.
    3. By default the "Ubuntu Servers" will be selected in the Networks portion, this redirects to Freenode, so you can leave it be.
    4. Click on "Connect" once it is ready you should already have autojoined #ubuntu, this channel has 1000+ people regularly, its busy but an always active support channel
  3. To join the Michigan LoCo channel just type /join #ubuntu-us-mi into the dialog

  4. Chat away!

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