migration-assistant is a program to import documents and settings from Windows XP and Linux to Ubuntu and is included as part of the Ubuntu desktop CD installer.

It currently supports importing the following:

  • Bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Opera, and Firefox.
  • E-mail account information from Outlook Express and Evolution.
  • Instant messaging accounts from Pidgin, AIM Triton, and Yahoo.
  • User accounts from Windows XP and Linux.
  • User pictures, wallpapers, documents, music, and photos from Windows XP.

The following features are planned for a later release:

  • Importing to Kubuntu.
  • Importing from Windows Vista.
  • Importing from Mac OS X, including files and settings from:
    • iPhoto
    • Photo Booth
    • Mail
    • Safari and Camino
    • Dashboard widgets
  • A stand-alone desktop application.
  • Importing to a writable CD or Internet server.
  • Importing wireless access point lists.
  • Importing Desktop files.
  • Importing Thunderbird and Outlook settings as well as all PIM data from supported email applications.
  • Importing web browser data such as proxy settings, saved passwords, Firefox plugins, and cookies.
  • Importing fonts.

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