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I'am Computer Science student at National University of Colombia at Medellín. I work for Soluciones Kazak in which we have done many migration process in which used Ubuntu as distribution for Desktop and Servers. We have customized Ubuntu and we are planning custom install cd in order to further personalize the Desktop environment.

I hope to be able to help the Ubuntu development.




<miguel AT SPAMFREE kazak  DOT ws>


mfcabrera AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com


ceruno/xeruno on irc.freenode.net


Medellín/Sincelejo, Colombia





I'm involved with the QA team, mostly reporting bugs and helping to solve them. As we work always with the latest stable version of Ubuntu and we have a considerable desktop user base, we must to support them, getting feedback (and bug reports, sometimes already solved). I concentrate in desktop bugs, but I try to help with all types as well. I also reports bus to upstream once confirmed in Ubuntu.

  • Bug reporting and triaging

  • Ubuntu advocacy at local events (Medellin).
  • I've installed Ubuntu (Dapper-Edgy) to 40+ Wokstations. Continue to support them.
  • My company, Soluciones Kazak, offers Ubuntu professional training and consulting in Antioquia - as listed in Marketplace - Latin America

  • We are developing a product aimed at small and medium size companies in which an Ubuntu derivative is an important part, serving as Desktop and Server distribution.
  • Wiki pages: InternetRelayChat-es translation to spanish of the InternetRelayChat wiki Page.


  • Continue triaging bugs.
  • Become an UbuntuQATeam member.
  • Become and Ubuntu developer, maybe maintaining a set of packages.
  • Make the Desktop Rocks.
  • Help spreading Ubuntu in Colombia!

Ubuntu in Colombia

  • Take Ubuntu to the enterprise in Colombia.

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