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Current Team/Membership Status

Ubuntu Community Contributions

Below is a small list of contributions I've made to the Ubuntu community. I came into #kubuntu-devel looking for something to do, and boy did I find it. I'm a hacker with a little too much ADD and a little too little free time. Kubuntu has provided me with an ideal development environment to learn and grow with. I've submitted several patches, and I've learned a new way to work with code. What a fun project to work with.

Team Work

  • IRC Support - #kubuntu, #kubuntu-devel

  • Added tabs to kde-systemsettings
  • Added several enhancements to the adept package management application

About Me

Greetings. Mike "manchicken" Stemle here. I'm a 25-year-old fella from the midwestern USA. I've been programming off and on since I was around 7, and I've found a lot of things I like to do. I started off on a Commodore64 when I was quite young, then moved to GeOS, and eventually DOS on the good old 386 with an orange monochrome monitor. With the help of my father who's been programming roughly since 1967, I've learned quite a bit about software development and best practices. My first compiler was Borland Turbo C++ 3. At 15 I started getting involved with Free Software and I started to fall in love with what you can do with freedom in software. At 16 I created a cluster of 486 GNU machines running slackware with coaxial networking, and fried several pieces of hardware before discovering that hacking hardware simply is not for me.

Now a-days I'm a professional software engineer in downtown Chicago writing Perl backend code for online ad networks. In my non-professional life, I spend time with my beautiful wife my church, and my friends. I participate in the Chicago GNU/Linux Users' Group, and am increasingly trying to participate in the Chicago Ubuntu loco. I've been doing some hacking for Kubuntu and have been having a blast doing so.

I'm currently running a 17" widescreen laptop running Kubuntu Edgy x86-64.

My Availability

I am here to assist the community in anyway possible. Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you need assistance. Feel free to use any means of communication listed above.

My Goals

Short Term / Community Goals

  • Ubuntu Become more involved in Kubuntu development, focusing specifically on KDE/Qt/C++ development.

    Ubuntu Become better skilled with packaging.

    Ubuntu I've already distributed dozens of Ubuntu/Kubuntu discs in my circle of influence (work, church, personal networking), and I'd really like to participate with more of that.

Long Term / Community Goals

  • Ubuntu Participate in core Kubuntu development.

    Ubuntu Continue working to further the cause of freedom in software through free software distribution, materials distribution, and discussion.


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