Contact and Location

Email: Mike Sylvester

AIM: PsyberOne

UbuntuForums: PsyberOneZero

Location: Chicago, IL, USA

History with Ubuntu

I got my first taste of Ubuntu in October 2004, through Gnoppix. After using the LiveCD for about a week I formated my ThinkPad and ran Ubuntu for about 3 months untill my ThinkPad got destroyed. I didn't get a replacement computer until August. The first thing I did after building the machine was put on Breezy AMD64. I joind the forums at that time tried to help, failing miserably sometimes (thank you to mlomker, King Bahamut, Bored2K, and Artificial Intelligence). Mid-October I was asked to join the MarketingTeam.

Current System

ECN KN1 Extreme

AMD Athlon64 3000+ (overlclocked to 2.25Ghz)

1GB (2x512MB) OCZ Performance DDR400

eVGA nVidia 6200 256MB PCI-E 16x (Dual Monitor)

2x Plextor PX-712A SATA 16x DVD-RW

120GB Western Digital SATA II

200GB Western Digital SATA II

Current Projects


All My Favorite Singers Have Stolen All of My Best Lines

  • "Wear me like a locket around your throat, I'll weigh you down, I'll watch you choke, You look so good in blue, You look so good in blue"
    • --Fall Out Boy - Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

    "Well I can hardly wait, Until I get the sun and your lips both pressing on my skin, Well I can hardly wait, Until I feel that thrill in my heart that starts inside your eyes, And the song in my head that burns so good on my tongue"
    • --Alkaline Trio - Blue Carolina


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