Who I am

Where to contact me

Things I do & did

  • I work for Linaro

  • I am part of the Italian LoCo Team, member of the Italian LoCo Council, leader of the Italian translators team

  • I am the contact for the Italian Ubuntu team
  • I am a GNOME Foundation Member
  • I am involved in various translation teams, and also on the documentation front
  • I contributed to the birth of the Italian Community, and to the creation of various Ubuntu Italian teams (documentation, marketing, ...)

Things I like to do

  • Using and spreading open source technologies
  • Coding, translating, and managing teams
  • Hanging out at FLOSS conferences

Various Activities


Conferences I attended:

  • DUCCIT (Debian Ubuntu Community Conference - Italy) - attended as a speaker, and took part in the organization
  • Ubuntu Italian Meeting - as a speaker, and organizer
  • Various Italin Linux Day - also as a speaker
  • UDS Natty
  • UDS Jaunty
  • GUADEC 2010
  • FOSDEM 2009, 2010
  • Writing Open Source: The Conference (Owen Sound, Canada)
  • UDS Karmic (Barcelona, Spain)
  • PyConTRE Italy (Florence, Italy)

Running for the Community Concil (2011 - 2013)

The Letter

This is the letter I sent to the Community Council that summarizes why I am running for the Community Council:

I'm Milo Casagrande, from the Italian Ubuntu LoCo team, and I would
like to propose my candidacy for the Community Council elections.

My involvement in the Ubuntu community is mostly focused within the
Italian Community where I serve as a member of the Italian LoCo
Council since 2006, supervising the community and taking part in the
organization of events, and as the Team Leader of the Italian
translators team. I am a member of the Ubuntu Translators Coordinator
team, and of the Launchpad Translations Coordinators.

I'm also a GNOME Foundation Member where I contribute in the GNOME
Italian translation team, and in the GNOME Documentation team.

You can find more information about me at the following link:

I'm proposing my candidacy for the Community Council to bring my
various and broad experiences from different open source communities,
from a non native-English speaking LoCo Team and community, and also
from a corporate environment where I work and where we use Ubuntu and
free/open source software extensively, to the broader international

With the hope that my candidacy will be taken into account.


As already said in the presentation letter, I'm proposing myself in order to bring my experiences in working and collaborating in the Italian community, and within corporate environments where open source software is in use, to the broader international community.

I would also like to improve the communication between the Community Council and the community: communication is everything in a decentralized and on-line community, and not all the people can be on-line or have a permanent presence on IRC.


  • I've worked extensively with Milo on the translations front. He is one of those persons it's truly always a pleasure to work with, and someone that makes me proud of being in the same project with. Having been involved in the Ubuntu community since... well, forever, he's got a good overview of how it works, and also importantly, he's well respected as a known and reputed member of the global community. He's got an outstanding mix of skills that would be a tremendous asset to the Community Council: he's a developer but also deeply involved in LoCo team events, both at the local and global level; he's participated in many UDSs and is involved in downstream and upstream Free Software projects; he's got a personal and balanced approach to dealing with issues and he's a hard worker. I'm really glad to see he's considering running for the Community Council election. -- dpm 2011-10-05 11:42:27

  • -- elle.uca 2011-09-29 13:14:22 Milo has a great and long time experiences in both Ubuntu and Open Source in general, as well as in community management. These make him a perfect candidate for community council, but the actual and very true endowment of Milo is the innate ability to be "human", to understand people and to find a shared solution, shared by anyone not only the majority, the best solution.

  • What can I say about Milo? He is a selfless motivator, that brings fun to everything he's involved with. He's a very hardworker and has done many great things for the Italian LoCo, Translations, and the Ubuntu Project as a whole. He often demonstrates a level head, and wisdom in an extremely helpful manner. He demonstrates a can-do attitude, and collaborates well with others! I have spent a good amount of time with Milo at several UDS events, and have maintained a strong friendship with him since we met during UDS-Jaunty. On several occasions, I have confided in him on some of my own ideas and decisions as a leader, and he has always provided keen insight to help make my decisions easier to reach. I would without reservation recommend him for the Community Council, as I feel he is extremely well suited to take on that role, and he would rise to the challenges he would face with great success. -- itnet7 2011-09-29 14:36:12

  • I had the pleasure to meet Milo a few years back, and since that time we have attended numerous Ubuntu events. He is truly a stand up guy, loyal, dependable, and a good friend. His friendly and positive attitude is always a great influence on any situation that may arise. I would recommend him for Community Council without reservation. He would bring a very open and honest mind set to the table, while also maintaining a great deal of respect towards other members. -- thelupine 2011-09-29 17:00:43

  • Milo is a great guy, with a very positive attitude and strong leadership skills. He served as member of Italian LocoTeam Community Council for years, and managed several tough circumstances with great cleverness. The experience he matured there would definitely help making him a great CC member. I am sure Milo would serve our community with great care and reliability, providing a great surplus value to CC. I recommend Milo without reservation for Community Council. -- warp10 2011-09-30 08:56:14

  • I mostly had experience with Milo in different l10n and i18n forums: either discussions during UDS (both related to the stuff my Launchpad team was working on and on general issues) or during GNOME conferences. He always seemed to enjoy all community-oriented sessions, and was very proactive and happy to take responsibility of both fun and tedious tasks to help us move the effort forward. He is a smart guy that I'd jump at an opportunity to work with at any time. And last, but definitely not the least, he is a fun guy to hang around after "work" as well. With enough effort, I am sure he could also develop an own trademark evil grin, but such a nice person as Milo can't ever be Mr Evil. -- danilo 2011-09-30 13:46:47

  • I'm working in the ubuntu-it community with Milo from years now. He was one of the right leaders in the past, when the ubuntu-it community was born, the right leader (contact) when the community has grown so fast, and I'm sure he will be the right leader for the future. I recommend Milo without reservation. -- lorenzosfarra 2011-09-30 16:29:41

  • I know Milo since the begging of my experience in Ubuntu-it (2005). Milo is a kind person, great and reliable worker, qualified translator and undisputed leader. He served as member of Italian LocoTeam Community Council, acquiring experience that now can be very useful as CC member. He IS the Italian Community Leader - and Italian Community rocks! Smile :-) I recommend Milo without reservation. -- dcavedon 2011-10-07 10:21:31

  • Milo is a great guy, smart, always calm and very talented. He's just great in everything he does. I recommend him for the community council because he's suitable for that role and he will bring in Ubuntu a great contribution. -- xdatap1 2011-10-07 10:45:21

  • I've known Milo through both GNOME and Ubuntu documentation work. What strikes me about Milo is his ability to not only work through things rationally, but to do so while being respectful and considerate of those around him. I think that these qualities would serve him well as part of the Community Council. There are few people who I could recommend more highly for this role than Milo. -- jwcampbell 2011-10-07 11:26:24

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