Name: Ming Hua

Email: minghua@rice.edu

Lauchpad Profile: https://launchpad.net/people/minghua

I am a Chinese coming from mainland China. I am a Ph.D. student with materials science major, studying in Rice University, Houston, USA.

Past Work

I have been an Ubuntu user since warty preview. During the hoary and breezy development period I was mainly a testing user, reported bugs [18], helped a little on simplified Chinese translation and GCC transition [1,2].

During the dapper development I got involved with MOTU, helped on some merges/syncs of universe packages (mainly science related) [3-8]. My main work is taking care of the SCIM input method related packages in dapper, including testing and reporting bugs back into Debian [22-24], handling the merge/sync later in Ubuntu [9-14], fixing or helping to fix bugs [15-17], as well as writing up a wiki page for introduction of SCIM [20]. I also worked on a Chinese font package [19].

I am the Debian maintainer of a couple of SCIM related packages, and recently becoming co-maintainer of even more because of my involvement in Ubuntu [21]. I am the back-up coordinator of debian-installer's simplified Chinese (zh_CN) translation team [25], and am generally involved in the i18n/l10n of Chinese in Debian [26].

Work After Membership

I got Ubuntu memebership in January 2006, and since then I've been mostly doing bug triaging work. I've also made a few patches and uploads for packages I use and am familiar with [27,28]. I also continued to work on SCIM related packages for some feature requests from CJK users [29].

Ubuntu bugs

GCC transition: 1. libmath++, 2. arpack++

MOTU merge for dapper: (Merge) 3. grace6; (Sync) 4. grace, 5. libmath++, 6. lmodern, 7. stardict, and 8. octave2.1

SCIM related: (Fixed) 9. sync scim from Debian, 10. scim-uim crasher, 11. scim-canna rebuild, 12. scim-pinyin rebuild, 13. scim-chewing rebuild, and 14. scim-uim rebuild; (Reported/Commented/Helped) 15. crash in acroread 16. IM modules missing in Qt 17. Qt programs crash in GNOME 29. im-switch support for scim-hangul

Miscellaneous: 18. Chinese in installer 19. xfonts-wqy merge 27. ttf-dejavu defoma hints fix 28. apt-proxy merge

Ubuntu wiki pages

20. InputMethods/SCIM

Debian work

Packages maintained and comaintained: 21. my Debian QA page

SCIM related bugs: (I reported these bugs and/or provided these patches partly for getting the new packages enter Ubuntu in time) 22. scim-m17n ABI transition, 23. scim-hangul ABI transition, 24. scim-chewing FTBFS

Chinese localization: 25. debian-installer translation, 26. the Debian Alioth project for Chinese l10n work


My interests for future Ubuntu work are in two big categories: Chinese i18n/l10n (most importantly input method part) and science related packages (mainly computational physics/chemistry and LaTeX).

Being the Debian maintainer of scim and other SCIM related packages, I would like to keep them in good shape for Ubuntu. I also plan to look after other SCIM related packages I don't maintain and communicate/collaborate with the Debian maintainers. I would also like to try improving the SCIM packages in Ubuntu and making installing/using input method in Ubuntu easier and more user-friendly, although I most likely would need others' help for that goal.

I don't plan to do much translation work myself, but since I am involved in the Chinese l10n work in Debian, I believe I would help communication of the Debian Chinese community and Ubuntu Chinese community. I also feel the different Chinese community (China mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong) should talk and work with each other a little more, and I hope I can do something to improve that.

Science related packages usually have a small user base, and even smaller developer/maintainer base. So I feel it's quite important to get connected with the Debian science community. JordanMantha created MOTUScience team to achieve exactly that, and I also think this is a wonderful opportunity to show that Ubuntu and Debian can collaborate well. I would like to work in this team and help improving the quality of science-related packages in Ubuntu.


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