You might be looking for the April 2008 Release Party instead

Gutsy Release Party


This will be a social event to meet other Ubuntu users and people curious about Ubuntu from the state of Minnesota and check out the cool features of the new Ubuntu 7.10 release (due out Thursday). We will have machines with "Gutsy Gibbon" already installed, and projected onto a big screen for everyone to explore and play around with. It will also serve as an opportunity for people to find out what Ubuntu and free software in general is all about and ask questions of people already involved in the community.


Saturday, October 20th 2007, 7:00 - 9:30 PM (organizers set up at 6:30).


Room 3-111 of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building on the University of Minnesota campus.
200 Union St. SE, Minneapolis See Map


The Ubuntu Minnesota Local Community Team, with the location sponsored by the ACM student chapter at the U of M.


Feel free to ask on our mailing list.

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