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My name's Mirko and I am from Abruzzo (Italy). I was born in 27 november 1995 and currently I'm a student in a High School Computer Specialization. After this, I'd like to join the university of Informatic Engineer.
I play electric guitar for about 7 years and I'd like to do airsoft but I can't do it for my phisical situation (I am deaf and the hearing aid prevents me sweating).
That's why I really love informatic.. I know (how program language) PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Python, Java, Assembly, C++, C#.
I like programming (specially in python) and get fun with Blender. I also like play with videogame and I hope that I will do it also on eSport world. I'm also a Linux Beta Tester of first group of Steam. I signed up on Ubuntu-it since 18 December 2010 and I got the membership since 15 September 2012.

Ubuntu-it member since 15 September 2012

Ubuntu member since ... 07 March 2013

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Ubuntu #ubuntuforums

Ubuntu #fullcirclemagazine

Ubuntu #novacut

Ubuntu #python-it

Ubuntu #ubuntu-fcm-coordinamento

Ubuntu #ubuntu-it

Ubuntu #ubuntu-accomplishments

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Ubuntu-it Stuff

  • Signed up since 18 December 2010
  • A former collaborator of Test Team without membership request
  • A former collaborator of Marketing Team without membership request
  • Member of Web Team since 27 February 2012
  • Member of FCM Team since 10 March 2012
  • Collaborator of DEV Team without request of membership
  • Member of Ubuntu-it since 15 September 2012

Italian Testing Team

  • I did some test of Ubuntu

Translation group and FCM

  • I translated strings in launchpad
  • I provided translations from english to italian of Full Circle Magazine articles
  • Other translation on launchpad here

Italian Full Circle Magazine Team

  • Admin of FCM-it blog

  • I'm the typesets of PDF and eBook from issue #53 to issue #69 with 2 special
  • Programmer of Full Circle Magazine Android App. All info can be found here

Italian Web Team

Linux Day

  • Linux Day 2011 at High School ITIS "E. Alessandrini" in Teramo (Italy)
  • Linux Day 2012 at High School ITIS "E. Alessandrini" in Teramo (Italy)


  • He's a passionate boy, always helpful. He knows a lot of things, but most of all learns fast. (by deshack)

  • Mirko is enthusiastic, friendly, and eager to learn. Although I've only recently gotten to know Mirko, he's made a very good impression. Especially considering his work with such a thriving loco, I recommend him for Ubuntu membership. - jderose

  • I knew him in the italian LoCo team. He is an enthusiastic contributor of the community, and I learnt a lot of things from him, especially about how community works! (by WebbyIT)

  • I met Mirko as a collaborator of Full Circle Magazine Italy on line and then during the Ubuntu Italia meeting in Bologna (June 2012). Mirko is an amazing guy, full of desire to do and full of ideas. He has implemented the Android application for Full Circle Magazine Italia by which users can download and read Full Circle Magazine directly on their Android phones or tablets. He works closely with the Team preserving the edition of the ebook version of Full Circle Magazine Italia and the blog of the same workgroup. He is always present on the Ubuntu Italy IRC channels ready to give support to newcomers, to propose new ideas and to encourage people. He is full of new ideas to be implemented and its contribution in the Ubuntu Italian Team is always constant and important. I think Mirko deserves the membership. -- new.life 2013-03-05 14:37:55

  • Mirko is an enthusiatic young boy who is collaborating firmly within the Italian Loco Team. I recommend him for the membership, he well deserved it. -- warp10 2013-03-05 19:51:54

  • Mirko is very enthusiatic in everything he does, and puts lots of efforts in the Italian Community. I strongly recommend him for the membership -- dktrkranz 2013-03-05 19:56:55

  • Mirko is a very helpful person and he puts a lot of passion in what he does; I'm happy to support his membership Smile :) ! -- palma-salvatore 2013-03-06 19:40:53

  • I collaborate with Mirko in the team managing the Italian web-site of Ubuntu, and I really enjoy the enthusiasm he brings to the group -- silvia-bindelli 2013-03-06 20:14:25

  • I had the pleasure to get to know Mirko in my role as "CEO" of the mobile edition of Full Circle Magazine. During our collaboration I knew him to be very cooperative and helpful - a person who is sharing his knowledge with others. In short: If you want to find an example which gives a "human face" to the Ubuntu CoC, you need to look at Mirko. That is why I strongly recommend Mirko for the membership -- jens-leineweber 2013-03-07 12:40:00

  • Mirko is one of the youngest and most passionate members of the ubuntu-it community, working with him in the italian web site team and Full Circle translators. I definitely reccomend him for the membership. -- dcavedon 2013-03-07 13:42:55

  • Mirko is a great person, who likes to put himself in a lot of projects, and to become a reliable element for that team. He has a contagious happiness, bringing it to the team. I know him working on the translation of FCM, where Mirko "lead" the epub edition, in fact. I definitely hope to see he with an @ubuntu.com email address! -- mapreri 2013-03-07 17:16:48

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