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This project is under development. Feel free to contribute.

Install fests are times when you go out to meet new people in the area and help install Linux on their computer system or answer questions about Linux. I want to do something radically different.

Most people see install fests as a single time and place event. What we are looking to do is drive the install base across the Nation (Possibly the world if the interest continues to grow for this project). Everyone involved at the same time. The idea is to introduce and extend to the potential userbase across the globe and show those who may be interested that we exist in force.

The distribution release will be Ubuntu 8.04 (Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu). Due to the scope of this project, the aim will be for Hardy Heron 8.04 LTS. Depending on the maturity of Fluxbuntu, I would like to see this included as an option as well.


Pieces of the puzzle


  • Install fests can sound daunting, however to coordinate the process, each location will need to have open access to the internet. Most college campuses use an open policy via proxywall through wireless access. We can utilize this as a way to work with each other. If someone does not have an option to take part in the install fest, they can still help by being present online to help with trouble shooting. The primary form of communication will be done through IRC. Should the interest grow beyond the USA, other channels will be set up in native languages.


  • Each location will need to handle whether they want to do refreshments or not.


  • Locations must be confirmed on the 18th of March. Advertising will need to take place the last week of March.

Dates & Times

  • The best time to perform the install fest is during the week considering the target locations.

Target Locations

  • These locations will be well known landmarks in the areas. Colleges are prime candidates as they usually welcome anyone interested in educating others. Once these locations are confirmed, we will include maps and work with creating custom flyers. Locations will need to have at least three users to be confirmed. If you are having problems locating help for the install fest projects, notify your local ACM requesting support for the event.

Potential Locations

  • Universities
  • Community Colleges
  • Trade Schools
  • High Schools (Get the computer clubs involved)

  • Churches
  • Community Centers

Confirmed Locations

  • Place Holder


  • Advertising should not start until locations are confirmed and the last week in March.


  • Get in touch with the primary contacts for your area. These contacts will help you provide better visibility to your area. They may have a network they can communicate with to bring your ideas to a more public view.



  • Many of the larger colleges offer a degree in radio/communications. It would be good to look into some free air time for the install fest in your area.


  • You do not have to take out an ad in the paper. However, it would be a good idea to notify your local papers of the event a month in advance. There are times when any bit of news is worth posting.


  • Get in touch with your favorite magazine and let them know of your event. Some of the larger magazines may limit the exposure to a link or cover an event local to one of their reporters.


  • Cable providers usually provide a free community bulletin board service you can submit information to for free publication. They generally will not run any advertisement for longer than necessary (usually only a week in advance). Be sure to contact them beforehand to be sure of the requirements.


  • This will be a fantastic way to help promote the install fest. Get in touch with your local community to see about sponsoring the event. This may be a way to help offset the costs (if any) for the materials, rented space, or even a way to get access to the internet during these times.


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