Contact Information

Email: <mitch AT SPAMFREE kci DOT net>

MSN: mitch (@at)

IRC: MitchM @

Website: --- Free Ubuntu Hosting!!


Computer Skills

Programming: Perl (Intermediate), PHP (Intermediate), Bash (Advanced), Sed (Intermediate)

Networking: Cisco -> Deal with Core Switches, PIX/ASA Firewalls, Giga Networks and Core Routers

Stuff I've done for the community:


BarCamp Boulder

  • Presented CD's and Stickers (from Jenda) to the Computer Enthusiasts at Bar Camp Boulder

Current Endeavors

Team Lead for Colorado Local Community Team.

  • Plan & host release parties

7.10 Release Party :: {Host}

  • Organizing & host IRC Meetings

  • Acting as team spokesman to local LUG's.
  • Finding location, location, location for upcomming events/parties. Smile :)

  • Main Point of CD Distribution for Colorado -> Package and Handout CD's I've received from ShipIt!

Notable Ubuntu Contributions

I've been providing FREE HOSTING for all Ubuntu related projects for about 1 1/2 years. Most Noteable Sites:

Contribute and help maintain the ColoradoTeam website.

Assist users in support in #ubuntu on

Actively Market/Advocate Ubuntu

  • Act as ColoradoTeam spokesperson to other teams and groups.

  • Find places to distribute CDs in a friendly fashion (Starbucks | Barnes & Noble | etc.)

Future Goals

Bring the CoLoCo closer together to improve our current projection->completion ratio.

Organize the CoLoCo team for more frequent meetings/gatherings.

Do more personal Bug triaging!!!

  • Need to find a good time of week to spend strictly for launchpad bugs

Become an Ubuntu member.


  • Please feel free to add your 2-cents concerning your experience with me through Ubuntu related projects!


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