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Mitch Towner


I am an IT Engineer specialising in HP Products (anything from ipaqs, laptops & desktops to mission critical servers & everything in between). We run a highly customised Ubuntu based SOE on all company Desktops & Laptops within our company (Australia-wide). I am eagerly awaiting the release of Lucid as I believe our SOE should be based on an LTS. Currently we have been upgrading the SOE after each Ubuntu release.

Blog: Not Yet...


IRC(freenode): kermiac

To Do

  • Continue trying to learn python
  • Find a package or area within Ubuntu to specialise in
  • Find more ways to contribute back to the Ubuntu Community


Currently I'm starting out with bug triage. I also have been doing some work in SRU & iso testing. I can usually be found hanging out in #ubuntu-bugs, #ubuntu-testing, #ubuntu-au & #ubuntu-au-chat on the freenode IRC network.


Idea #1

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