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About Me

I first tried Ubuntu when 6.10 (Edgy) was released in 2006. By the time 7.04 (Feisty) was released I was hooked & switched all of my computers over to Ubuntu. Since then I have managed to successfully convert many friends & family to Ubuntu.


Basically, my social life revolves around my family Wink ;) If my kids have scouts, karate, etc - that's what I'm doing socially.

When i do occasionally find that I have some "down time", I like to read a good book, enjoy a movie or play around with whatever latest computer-related topic has piqued my interest.


I am an IT Engineer (currently) specialising in HP Products (anything from ipaqs, laptops & desktops to mission critical servers & everything in between).

I have led the change from windows 2000 to Ubuntu in my current workplace. For the last couple of years I have helped create & support a highly customised Ubuntu based SOE on all company Desktops & Laptops (Australia-wide). As of Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid), we are now basing this SOE on LTS releases.

Ubuntu Participation

Ubuntu Bug Squad & Bug Control

I joined the Ubuntu Bug Squad in January 2010 as I felt that this would be a great way to give back to the community. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the Bug Control Team in February 2010 where I continue to do bug triaging work. I mostly work on Ubuntu One related bugs in Launchpad.

I have joined the 5-a-day Team to help motivate myself to work on at least 5 bug reports a day. My 5-a-day stats can be seen here.

Bug Squad Mentors

I have joined the Bug Squad Mentors Team & have been assigned two students. The goal of Bug Squad Mentors are to guide students with an aim of them becoming members of the Bug Control Team.

Apport Hooks

I have recently been working on Apport Package Hooks. This has been a fun & challenging way to learn more about python & a great first step towards contributing to Ubuntu.

Hooks I have written:

SRU Verification Team

I joined the SRU Verification Team in January 2010 & have tested a few SRU packages.


Ubuntu Beginners Team

I have recently been accepted as a member of the Ubuntu Beginners Team. I find it very rewarding when I am able to help new users see just how truly awesome Ubuntu & Free Software really is. I am looking forward to helping with the new focus that this group is taking to become a "springboard" into the broader Ubuntu Community.

IRC Focus Group

I actively participate in helping new users in the #ubuntu-beginners IRC channel.

Wiki Focus Group

I am currently helping the Ubuntu Beginners Wiki Focus Group with the Summer of Documentation 2010 Project. As part of this project I have worked on the following wiki pages:

AU Local Community Team

I am a member of the Ubuntu-AU Loco Team. As part of the Ubuntu-AU Loco, I help answer questions in the #ubuntu-au IRC channel & on the Ubuntu-AU mailing list.

I initiated the Ubuntu-AU Bug Jams Project to help more members of the Ubuntu-AU Loco Team start to participate within the broader Ubuntu Community. Within this project I am also going to be holding online "How to Triage" sessions. The first of these online sessions was held on Saturday, 24th July 2010. The logs can be found here.

Internet Relay Chat

My registered IRC nickname is kermiac. I enjoy getting to know members of the Ubuntu Community through this medium. I am usually present in the following channels:

  1. #ubuntu-au
  2. #ubuntu-au-chat
  3. #ubuntu-bugs
  4. #ubuntu-testing
  5. #ubuntu-beginners

Goals For The Future

  1. Continue triaging bugs in Launchpad
  2. Continue to get Friends and Family trying Ubuntu
  3. Become an Ubuntu Member
  4. Continue to offer assistance on IRC
  5. Join a LUG
  6. Post more frequently on my Ubuntu related blog


Mitch Mitch Mitch...what can I say that will do him justice? He's always willing to learn, and share what he knows with others. He's always offering to help on a project and he's constantly giving help to those who need it, whether it be via the IRC, forums, or Launchpad he's there. His assistance with the Wiki FG is beyond invaluable and I totally hope that he continues to work with us. He's got my full support for not only BeginnersTeam Membership but for Ubuntu Membership as well. zkriesse 2010-07-13

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