Overall Summary

The list of applications bellow will be used as a reference for UME in addition to the core applications described here and should follow the basic guidelines described there. Basic assumptions:

  • All the time estimates below are based on best efforts to make the application comply with minimum criteria as described here

  • All the dependencies also includes the ones defined on the general guideline for UME applications. The "n/a" means that no other dependencies but the general ones are known.

Mini Specs

Mobile applications - Video conferencing


  • Overview: Provide video conference capability to the UME, if the device supports it, adding the resource to the communications set.
  • Goal/Deliverables: Having a easy and integrated way to perform video conference calls.
  • Description: Video conferencing

  • Depends on: Hardware support on the platform like camera and microphone besides drivers for them.
  • Time estimate: 0,75 man/month

We will know we have finished when the user can be able to do video calls seamlessly and effortlessly inside the UME environment.

Mobile applications - Games


  • Overview: Provide a set of fun and assorted games to the UME user.
  • Goal/Deliverables: Make sure that the user has some casual games that can be used for distraction and fun and, at the same time, can show some of the capabilities of the device.
  • Description: Casual Games.

  • Depends on: Most of the current games depend on support for 3D acceleration on the platform.
  • Time estimate: 1 to 2 man/month depending on the use of support hardware like hardware buttons, native resolutions, etc.

We will know we have finished when a fun and well integrated set of games is ready to be run on UME

Mobile applications - RSS Reader


  • Overview: RSS feeds are a powerful way to receive resumed news from several different sources. Having a standalone application handling them is interesting for power-users.
  • Goal/Deliverables: Add the capability for reading RSS feeds in an independent application.
  • Full spec: RSS reader.

  • Depends on: n/a.
  • Time estimate: 0,5 man/month

We will know we have finished when a standalone application capable of reading and organize RSS feeds is available on UME.

Mobile applications - Clock


  • Overview: A clock is a very basic feature in all electronic devices of the kind.
  • Goal/Deliverables: To have a clock that can be used as a simple applet or as an entry point for a calendar.
  • Full spec: Intel's applet

  • Depends on: Intel.
  • Time estimate: 0.25 man/month

We will know we have finished when the clock applet runs as it should.

Mobile applications - Calculator


  • Overview: Have a handy calculator tha can be used easily.
  • Goal/Deliverables: A calculator easy to use with fingers and that can switch to perform simple or more complicated operations like scientific ones.
  • Full spec: none
  • Depends on: n/a
  • Time estimate: 0,25 man/month

We will know we have finished when the calculator can be easily used with fingers like a common pocket one

Mobile applications - PIM


  • Overview: PIM, Personal Information Manager, allows the user to gather and organize meaningful information and it's often composed by agenda, calendar and to-do list.
  • Goal/Deliverables: The UME PIM should be able to integrate with the other applications, for instance, when email field of the agenda is clicked, the email application should be launched.
  • Full spec: PIM

  • Depends on: EDS integration.
  • Time estimate: 2 to 4 man/month depending on if syncing will be added or not.

We will know we have finished when the PIM applications can interface seamlessly with the whole UME, wherever the data is needed.

Mobile applications - Remote Desktop client


  • Overview: To allow access to windows servers, a RDP client is necessary.
  • Goal/Deliverables: Adapt rdesktop to the environment and add a GUI to launch it.
  • Full spec: rdesktop/tsclient

  • Depends on: Interfacing issues. Due to the very nature of the RDP protocol, fingers may be difficult to be used as a mouse replacement. Support for Windows Vista (RDP 6) is non existent yet.
  • Time estimate: 1 man/month.

We will know we have finished when one can access and interact Windows Servers directly from UME.

Mobile applications - E-book reader


  • Overview: Reading ebooks is a very common activity for the kind of user the UME targets.
  • Goal/Deliverables: Polish the reader interface to be complaint and improve the file selection mechanism.
  • Full spec: Ebook reader

  • Depends on: n/a.
  • Time estimate: 0,25 man/month.

We will know we have finished when ebooks of several formats can be read easily on UME.

Mobile applications - Java Runtime Environment


  • Overview: Include a Java runtime environment
  • Goal/Deliverables: Decide on which JRE to provide, between Sun's or IcedTea and seed it into ubuntu-mobile

  • Full spec: None
  • Depends on: N/A
  • Time estimate: 0.375 man/month

We will know we have finished when Java applications run out of the box on UME.

Mobile applications - Helix framework


  • Overview: Provide the Helix backend for Mobile Media Player to utilize, as well as Gstreamer
  • Goal/Deliverables: Change the helix-player source package to provide the DBUS server
  • Full spec: None
  • Depends on: Helix behaving itself while it gets beaten into shape (read as: N/A)
  • Time estimate: 0.5 man/month

We will know we have finished when Mobile Media Player can successfully use both Gstreamer and Helix to play media.

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