This is a FAQ regarding the Ubuntu Mobile Project

  • What is the Ubuntu Mobile?
    • The Ubuntu Mobile project aims to derive an operating system for mobile internet devices using Ubuntu as a base. Sponsored by Canonical and Intel, the project has been launched at UDS-Sevilla following a preliminary announcement to the Ubuntu community. We will extend Ubuntu by providing infrastructure for mobile development. All of the necessary components will be integrated into the Ubuntu package archive, ready to install and run, or to tailor for custom mobile applications.
  • What platforms does it run on?
    • Currently, the project is focused on x86 processors, using architectures created by Intel's LPIA platform. The only tested devices so far is the Samsung Q1 Ultra and the Intel Crown Beach Development Platform.

  • Is it available? When is it going to be launched?
  • Can I run it on a Nokia N770/N800/N810?
    • As stated above, our current focus in in x86 processors. It should run on ARM if somebody ports it, but for now, if you have a Nokia Internet Tablet, stick with Nokia's software.
  • How about the Sharp Zaurus clamshell models, like the SL-C3200?
  • What are the current minimum requirements (processor, memory, storage space, etc.)?
  • How can I get started testing this on my x86-based device?
    • Set up the environment using the Image Creator. There are also tutorials and some background information in the UME Guide.Note that this guide covers the first MID release.

  • I want to work on porting to another platform. How should I go about this?
  • What's the difference between UME packages and regular i386 packages?
    • For the kernel there are a few changes to support the LPIA architecture better. For the user applications, they have a special rule to enable or disable resources when compiled for LPIA. We may use the hildon interface and/or disable something that we don't have/don't need. We want to improve usability for small screens and fingers.
  • How can I contribute to the development of Ubuntu Mobile project?
  • How to join the Mobile Development Team?

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