Project Goals

A community mobile distribution which brings the latest updates from the Ubuntu and KDE worlds to mobile devices.

The principal objective is to bring to mobile devices the latest updates available in the Ubuntu world. Associated aims are to build a community around the release and for the release to be as 'light' as possible.

It will be built using the Ubuntu infrastructure for creating a distribution. To help out with the development please join the Liquid Hackers team


  • default plasma-mobile widgets (package them separately):
    • appswitcher
    • digital-clock
    • fakemail
    • mobilesystray
    • news
  • plasmaboard
  • plasma-widget-message-indicator


Seed is created within the standard Kubuntu seed set. The initial set is a mirror of the current Kubuntu Netbook seed and can be evolved from there. It will likely be necessary to migrate some items from kubuntu-common to kubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-netbook to trim kubuntu-mobile down to size. Note: Currently the seed is only built from Main and Restricted. It's not obvious how to get Germinate to build seeds from different components, so this will have to do for a start.

Liquid seed

What needs improvement

  • Display Manager
    • kdm
      • Add plugin support
        • Write plugins for different types of authentication
        • Write plugin to unlock GSM PIM
      • On Screen Keyboard
      • Create another source package for it from kdebase-workspace?
      • Remove xdmcp
      • ??? - leave it lighter as possible
  • Window Manager
    • kwin
      • Add opengles support
      • Check with upstream what needs improvement
      • leave it lighter - Will we remove any feature?
  • kdelibs
    • there are discussions about splitting it
    • we need to join this discussion
  • PIM
    • akonadi? ScottK -- KDAB is also doing an embedded version of Akonadi - packaged

      • Till already got it working on n900
      • Till and Henri(mindgard2) will work to add support for midgard2 (that means sqlite support)
      • Ubuntu One? Note: Ubuntu one client (including akonadi support) is being done for Maverick as a GSoC project.
  • KPackageKit
  • Office
    • Koffice - packaged

  • QWS and Lighthouse
    • Investigate
    • package it
    • needs a different build of qt?
  • Footprint
    • may still be large for maverick
    • for maverick+1 work to get it small

Release Name

After the politics of the release are sorted out and we get round to actually releasing something, it will be called 'Original Liquid Vibe'


Maverick UDS Discussion

  • What is it: KDE plasma mobile
    • for handhelds: - n900
  • ofono can talk to ofono modem ... login aka SIM PIN
  • how to build kde workspace in maverick?
    • we can duplicate source to understand what to do in the long run
  • kdelibs split -> cannot be done in the distro: upstream is working on it Note: Debian did an initial split that may help some. We have this in Maverick.

  • kwin opengles support
    • Upstream appears to be working on this. Martin is doing an Akademy talk on this in July
  • without X -> could be done as an experiment, but probably wouldnt be a default

    • KDM very much depends on X. (It historically is an XDM fork with a nice frontend)
  • Ubuntu One support for akonadi does not exist
  • QWS/lighthouse - Qt is ABI incompatible;
  • footprint: efforts by foundations, ubuntu on arm and server teams to reduce minimal diski footprint
    • kdeworkspace / kdelibs might allow to avoid bloat
  • kubuntu-plasma-mobile with strimmed Branding options:
  • Keep Liquid as a code name.
  • Consider shifting towards the Kubuntu brand later, depending on progress and rbelem's wishes
    • (Perhaps "Kubuntu Mobile Remix")

Wiki Pages


Lucid Roadmap (needs updating)

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