Hi, my name is Mohamed omar Zaian, i work as a Linux Systems Administrator, i started using Linux earlier in 2002, got introduced by Ubuntu later when Dapper released, from this time and on i use Ubuntu at Home and also at Work we have many servers & Desktop machines running Ubuntu, i have many contributions to Ubuntu & the Open Source World, I'm Ubuntu Egypt LoCo team admin also i'm a Senior member of EGLUG (Egypt GNU/Linux User Group) , i am working hard to enhance the availability of LINUX/FOSS and Ubuntu helped me a lot to achieve many of this goals.

My Contact Info



Goals for 2009

  • Ubuntu Organize an installfest (./)

    Ubuntu Be able to switch persons to use Ubuntu. (./)

    Ubuntu Start Linux trainings for free. (./)

    Ubuntu Help Egypt LoCo Team to grow grow in technical ability and size.

    Ubuntu Organize more sessions to promote Ubuntu & FOSS products.

    Ubuntu Provide help and support to new users.

On Going Work

Me, my friends are working hard convincing people to switch to Ubuntu , our community is getting bigger , our work become great when we organized an installfest in Egypt, Alexandria on March 9 2009 Egypt GNU/Linux User Group Installfest 2009 , 1200 person attended the installfest this was huge for us cause Alexandria is a small city in Egypt, we gave Ubuntu 8.04 LTS CDs to attendants donated by a sponsor, we introduced many sessions including a installation sessions & some related topics to Ubuntu , plus an introduction to FOSS , we currently receiving questions through the community website.

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