Moldava LoCo Team is a group of dedicated Ubuntu users, gained together in order to create a solid community in our country.


This group's main activity will consist of

  • organization and participation at events (related with Ubuntu activities and interest)
  • creation and distribution of Ubuntu promotional stuff (like posters, banners, papers)
  • information provision (news translation, documentation processes, release notes explanation and contribution)
  • localization
  • bug hunting and fixing (mostly related to our environments, but it's not the limit)


(in order of importance)

  • Maintain the website up to date and sync it (if possible) with
  • gain more people by creating release parties and presentations at schools and univeristies
  • contribute to bug(fixing)s/testings, localizations and documentations
  • burn CD's and distribute
  • print and distribute posters and banners

Want to join?

The team is pretty young and it needs members, people with any interests and occupations, and of course of any ages. If you are interested in any way of contribution to our team, please check our contacts and join us. Together will be easier to succeed! Smile :)


Anyone interested in getting in touch with us, please use one of the contacts below.



  • Current report page (March)

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