Re-Verification Application for Ubuntu LoCo Montenegro Team

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This is a re-verification application page for Ubuntu LoCo Montenegro Team (ubuntu-me).

Key Details


  • To continue being Verified LoCo Team
    To stay active and maintain verification as LoCo team.

  • Promoting FLOSS and Ubuntu
    To spread the Ubuntu's spirit to all people of Montenegro as well as to strengthen presence of Ubuntu and other open source and free software in Montenegro businesses, education, and government. One venue to do this is through our Blog/News web site at Montenegro Open Source

  • Provide local support
    To provide support to Montenegrin users through forum, IRC, e-mails, meet ups, etc.

  • More Ubuntu activities
    To organize more events and activities such as Ubuntu release events, Ubuntu hours, workshops, training, and meet ups not only to members but to the public as well.

  • Get involved in Ubuntu Projects
    To encourage involvement in Ubuntu Project such as packaging, translations and localization, and documentation. This is especially challenging as Montenegro is a multi-ethnic society, which just recently made some official changes in the language.

  • Develop LoCo Activities
    To maintain LoCo website, forum, wiki, planet, social media, and local media, which will help us better streamline LoCo activities and provide variety of communication channels to local users.

Experience and Effort

  • As one of our members suggested the best way to get a feel for our activities is to visit News page on our website. The summary is listed bellow.

Website and Media

  • Active collaboration and support via Facebook group since 2009.

  • Maintaining team's website at

  • Web site, forum, wiki creation and launch on 17 September 2011 (SFD day).

  • Blog RSS aggregation into Ubuntu-ME Planet (cooperation with Ubuntu Serbia).

  • Started a Blog/News website at Montenegro Open Source.

  • Set up of other communication channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr.


  • Continuous communication via team's forum and Facebook.
  • Regular updates on our Blog/News webiste.

  • Nov/Dec 2013 - Appearance in the TV program about Internet use and safety ("Surfuj pamertno!"). For example, episode 13, episode 12 and episode 10.

  • 18. Oct 2013 - Ubuntu 13.10 Release Party in Podgorica link.

  • 3. Oct 2013 - Installing Ubuntu in Bijelo Polje high school (over 30 PCs got Ubuntu) link.

  • 8. Jul 2013 - Our community was featured in the Serbian FLOSS magazine called LiBRE! (issue no. 14)link.

  • 20. Jun 2013 - FLOSS presentation in Pljevlja (by Ms. Carol Beal, American Corner) link.

  • 19. Jun 2013 - Article "Why I use Linux" is published in daily newspaper Vijesti link.

  • 18. Apr 2013 - With help from System76 we disseminated "powered by Ubuntu" stickers link.

  • 12. Jun 2013 - Article "Why (il)legal software?" published in daily newspaper Vijesti link.

  • 25. Feb 2013 - Participation in IT'2013 conference in Zabljak. All attendees received a flyer and Ubuntu CD link.

  • 21. Feb 2013 - Ubuntu Hour in Niksic link.

  • 9. Feb 2013 - Another Ubuntu Hour and presentation in Niksic link.

  • 10. Dec 2012 - Install Day in Podgorica (University of Montenegro) link.

  • 19. Oct 2012 - Ubuntu 12.10 Release Party at the University Donja Gorica (Podgorica) link.

  • 8. Aug 2012 - Ubuntu Hour in Bijelo Polje (company WinWin) link.

  • 8. Jul 2012 - Ubuntu Hour in Niksic link.

  • 23. May 2012 - Ubuntu presentation at the Faculty of Science link.

  • 9. May 2012 - Started dissemination of several hundreds of Ubuntu 12.04LTS CDs link.

  • 26. Apr 2012 - Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Release Party in Podgorica (University of Montenegro) link.

  • 15. Sep 2012 Started New/Blog web site at (on SFD) Montenegro Open Source.

  • 13. Mar 2012 - New Loco logo design link.

  • 29. Feb 2012 - Participation in IT'2012 conference in Zabljak with presentation link.

  • 24. Jan 2012 - We initiated a community for software developers in Montenegro. We created a forum that has around ~150 programmers from Montenegro. The forum can be accessed at

  • 18. Jan 2012 - Article in local daily newspaper Vijesti link.

  • 13. Jan 2012 - Worked together with the Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunications to define document called "Strategy for adopting Open Source technologies in Montenegro". The document is available at Montenegro government's website and direct download link is available here.


  • Ubuntu has been used in lab classes for subjects Computer Systems Administration and Operating Systems (Department for Electrical Engineering at University of Montenegro) for more than two years. We plan to introduce Ubuntu to people throughout the university and expand its use to other subjects and departments.

  • Installed Ubuntu in Bijelo Polje high school on over 30 PCs.

  • IT Academy started offering Linux certification course link.


  • Continuous relationship with University of Montenegro to promote Ubuntu and open source to students as well as to obtain support and help needed to reach out to educational and governmental entities. We are featured on Information System Center's website link.

  • Collaboration with local TV station TV Vijesti with participation in their TV program "Surfuj pametno!". Our members gave talks on FLOSS, Ubuntu, and Ubuntu-ME activities

  • Contacting local media in order to get better visibility. Ongoing cooperation with daily newspaper Vijesti.

  • Collaboration with Serbian magazine LiBRE! that promotes FLOSS in the region. Our team was featured as a regional FLOSS community in one of the recent issues (No. 14).

  • Created excellent relationship with Montenegrin online IT magazine BIT, which was announcing all Ubuntu-ME LoCo events and helped promoting our CD distribution action.

  • Contacted former members of Linux Users Group of Montenegro (LUG-ME) with the idea of bringing it back to life.

  • Creating good relationship with other Ubuntu teams in the region (Sebia, Croatia, Romania, Bosnia).

  • Creating good relationship with privately held school University Donja Gorica (UDG). Participated in their first IT panel event.

Translation and Localization

  • The team implemented initial draft for Montenegrin keyboard layout (with two new letters).

  • There is a big challenge ahead due to recent official changes in Montenegrin language and need to even add the language to list of ISO codes. The good side is that all of the languages in the region (Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian) are very similar.

  • Team members provided translation for Linux Mint user manual, which is one of the most popular Ubuntu derivatives. Both Serbian and Montenegrin variants provided.

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