The Moroccan team :


The Moroccan Team

The Moroccan team wishes to promote Ubuntu in Morocco. This will be done through several mediums :

With some associations help, among them:

In addition to that, special meetings around Ubuntu will be organized in order to demonstrate the advantages of this distribution and make it known to the world. In several occasions, we have had Ubuntu CDs distributed to the people attending our conferences and most of them were pleased so far.

Some meetings are organized on the #ubuntu-ma channel:

Our Roadmap

The Moroccan Loco Team aims to promote Ubuntu and its flavors in Morocco. This is done through:

  • Install parties
  • Stands at fairs
  • Presentations and speeches at various events
  • Regular meetings on IRC channel #ubuntu-ma
  • Giving support, CDs and info in the various Morocco regions, in all Moroccan languages + French/English/Spanish. See also the list of local contact persons on the main page, grouped by location Here : members

  • Active collaboration in translations into Arabic, French, English and who know perhaps soon Berber .

Ubuntu Moroccan Users

  • A non-exhaustive Ubuntu Moroccan Users list:

Please join us! Its fun, fast and easy. Just add your name to the growing list of our members .

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