Re-Approval Application for Ubuntu Morocco (ubuntu-ma)


The Ubuntu MoroccanTeam is a group of enthusiastic people dedicated to spreading Ubuntu in Morocco. We often get together at conventions, meetings, parties, and online

The team, which has been active for more than 7 years, consists of Ubuntu users from all over Morocco. Our varied membership reflects the diversity of languages in Morocco: Moroccan Arabic, Arabic, French, Berber and Spanish.

For us, giving Ubuntu love and support doesn't stop at Moroccan's border. Many team members also participate in other groups on Launchpad such as Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Documentation Team, French and Arabic Translators, BugSquad and so on.

Of course, we have also some active Ubuntu members.

Key Details


The Moroccan Loco Team aims to promote Ubuntu and its flavors in Morocco. This is done through:

  • Install parties
  • Stands at fairs
  • Presentations and speeches at various events
  • Regular meetings on IRC channel #ubuntu-ma
  • Giving support, CDs and info in the various Moroccan regions, in all Moroccan official languages. See also the list of local contact persons grouped by location.

  • Active collaboration in translations into German, French, Italian and, hopefully soon also Romansh.


List of our events


  • 22-23 Feb 2013 : 4th edition of Open Source Days ENSA in Oujda (Video coverage by the National TV channel)

  • 21-22 Feb 2013 : Attendance at the 2th edition of Open Source Days at ENSA in Khouribga
  • 01 April 2013: Retour d'expériences sur le déploiement de openerp dans les PME marocaines at: Ecole National des Sciences Appliquée d'Al Hoceima (ENSAH)

  • 27-28 April 2013 : Attendance at the 5th edition of the Open source days at ENSA in Marrakech
  • 21/09/2013: 5th edition of: SOFTWARE FREEDOM DAY CASABLANCA


  • 26-29 Sept 2012 Summerlab at Casablanca

  • 22 Sept 2012 : 4th edition of: SOFTWARE FREEDOM DAY CASABLANCA

  • 10-13 Sept 2012: Attendance at the 8th International Conference on Open Source Systems in Tunisia
  • 17 May 2012: OpenErp for SMEs in Agadir

  • 3 May 2012: Attendance at the 1th edition of open source days at ENSA in Khouribga
  • 31 Mars 2012: Attendance at the 4th edition of the Open source days at ENSA in Marrakech


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