About myself

My name is Moshe Nahmias and I live in Israel. I am very active in the Israeli Israeli loco and one of the leaders of the forum. I try to help any one that needs my help, and try to make the new ones integrate with the community as easily as i can. I started with linux and ubuntu in 10/08 with 8.04 and ever since using ubuntu.


  • Translating and promoting the Hebrew needs of Ubuntu. I was an official member of the Ubuntu Hebrew Translators.

  • One of the most active members of the Israeli loco. I have the largest amount of massages (5,000+) in the LoCo's forums (profile Hebrew)

  • One of the leaders of the Israeli loco site and forums. (profile hebrew)

  • Writing guides for the Hebrew users. guide i translated Hebrew.

  • Translating the ubunbtu weekly newsletter. (translation of the ubuntu weekly newsletter to Hebrew)

  • I am the chairman of our IRC meetings and an Op of the channel #ubuntu-il (Freenode). (choosing me for chairman and Op)

  • Available at the loco IRC most of the time and on the forum of the community.
  • I am on the team to find places and events to have booth for advancing ubuntu


  • Translated hundreds of strings to Hebrew of packages. (my contribution to the Hebrew translation)

  • I am an active member and manager in the Israeli forums in the last year. (profile Hebrew)

  • I helped and helping organizing release parties ("Ubuntu on the grass").

Future goals

  • Ubuntu Make ubuntu more popular in Israel.
    Ubuntu Make ubuntu fully translated to Hebrew.
    Ubuntu Increase the number of members in the Israeli community.
    Ubuntu Organizing more installation parties.
    Ubuntu Work in close relations with Hamakor, an organization in Israel that its agenda is to promote free and open source software in israel.


  • Moshe is an EXTREMELY active user in our LoCo (ubuntu-il), and without him the LoCo never been where it is now. Moshe is trying to take part in anything he can, starts with the site, the forums, LoCo meetings and much more... -- ddorda 2010-04-12 15:26:47

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