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Experienced webproducer (cunning in PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML :), webserver set-up and maintenance, bits and pieces of AJAX). Largest productions are & , more to be seen at (or for the corporate version...).

Had been looking at the alternative of switching to GNU/Linux from time to time in six months before a computercrash (physical one... the largest crack being 20 cm long and the hard drive was fragged) quickened the process. XP's activation effectibly made it impossible for me to restore the otherwise good working XP system (that btw took me 1 year to configure to most of my needs) on the replacement computer from the insurance company.

Being faced a requirement of installing a system from ground up thanks to Microsofts generous ideas of flexibility - I took a shot at GNU/Linux. It took 3 weeks to decide upon Ubuntu (Dapper Flight 3) in March-06 and since I have had no reasons to go back. Instead, I have thus far had the privilage of taking part in a marvellous community that has given me a strong belief in the future of computing and computer usage which will be vital for a bright long-term future of the human race imo.

Contributions to the Ubuntu Community

As I am (in time) seeking qualification for membership in the Ubuntu Community - here follows bits and pieces how I so far have helped out in the community. I do not feel to comfortable writing this as I have no personal interest in received credits for what I have done (I have enough credits to give to all involved in this marvellous community and my share is intifitesimal compared to the whole), this is only supplied after request from . I was going to add my name to the council agenda in September-06), but I see that all other appliers as well as the ones that need to come back for reconsideration has done loads and loads of more of contributions. I will continue helping out and add my name when it feels approriate...

  • Written many useful articles for Ubuntu users in personal Wiki: (Especially has recieved many compliments and thank you responses)

  • Written many posts in the Ubuntuforums. Many asking for help when running into dead-ends (and then always being sure of supplying the found solution), but also many devoted wholly to discussion in the ins and outs of Ubuntu in relation to other systems as well as lots of suggestions in how to improve Ubuntu technically as well as in cause of spreading Ubuntu. (Beans: 101 - whatever that means Smile :) )

  • Several contributions to

  • Answering questions in #ubuntu whenever I am idle in IRC
  • Spreading information about Ubuntu to friends and family as well as companies that I have contact with - along with always having copies of the latest release in case someone wants to try it
  • Constantly testing development versions of Ubuntu as they are available, starting with Dapper Flight 3,4,5,Beta,6 and soon Edgy Eft (been on a 3-month trip over the summer)

Other "merits" could include:

Btw, I am seeking general membership and will continue writing in my Wiki, sharing whatever knowledge I have in the forums, answering questions in #ubuntu as well as continue testing out the latest development versions of Ubuntu on my test-partition.

Contact Me

To contact me - use this form please: - Thank you!

Misc ideas and progress-statements

What prevents me from deleting my Windows partition

TODO soon

My beliefs in what would be the best methods of spreading Ubuntu

TODO soon

The ideas I believe would do most good if included in future Ubuntu distributions

TODO soon

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