Use your Motorola Pebl phone with Ubuntu GNU Linux

Bluetooth File Transfer

File transfer is supported via gnome-bluetooth (apt package name)

Evolution Contact Transfer

Problem: Evolution exports Version 3.0 vcard, Pebl phone imports Version 2.1

Solution: just change the version numbers in the files

Sync in Dual Boot Configuration Ubuntu & Win XP

I wanted to transfer my Evolution Calendar to my Pebl. I use this awkward, but feasible steps. (Please add a better solution, if you know one)

Ubuntu Linux Steps

1. Export Evolution .vcs vcalendar file (vcalendar version 2.0)

2. Import to KDE Kalendar and export Kalendar .vcs vcalendar (vcalendar version 1.0)

Win XP Steps

3. Import KDE Kalendar .vcs file to Outlook

4. Sync Pebl via Motorola Software


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