There are different type of layouts. First the *new* standard layout used by gutsy firefox/thunderbird/firefox-granparadiso and later others:

Setup your main working directory
#1 go to your bzr work directory (for me i created a directory: $HOME/mozillateam_bzr)
cd $HOME/mozillateam_bzr

#2 OPTIONAL: initialize that directory as a bzr repository:
bzr init-repo .

#3 create a tarballs/ directory, like
mkdir tarballs

Use-Case: Create new orig.tar.gz from upstream tarball

# create a directory called packagename-UPSTREAM.VERSION, e.g.
mkdir midbrowser-0.1~daily070730/

# put in the upstream tarball
cp /tmp/midbrowser-0.1~daily070730-source.tar.bz2 midbrowser-0.1~daily070730/

# tar it up as a new orig:
tar cvzf tarballs/midbrowser_0.1~daily070730.orig.tar.gz midbrowser-0.1~daily070730/

Build from bzr

#1 ensure you are in your main bzr work dir
cd $HOME/mozillateam_bzr

#2 checkout a bzr branch:
bzr branch midbrowser.ubuntu 

#3 build bzr branch:
cd midbrowser.ubuntu/; bzr bd --merge .

#4 look at results in $HOME/mozillateam_bzr/build-area ... and install .debs etc. from there
cd $HOME/mozillateam_bzr/build-area

*** Commands to build Iceape/Seamonkey ***

#0 Grab from bzr
bzr clone

#1 Update from branch
bzr pull

#2a Grab seamonkey source tarball and extract it
tar -xvzf seamonkey-1.1.1.source.tar.gz

#2b move files to top level and remove mozilla dir
mv mozilla/* .
mv mozilla/.?* .
rmdir mozilla

#2c Generate a new tarball containing only dfsg free content.
fakeroot debian/rules source

#3 Build 
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -kKEYID -i.bzr

#4 If build fails make changes then test without complete respin.
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -nc


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