• ensure mozilla-devscripts (>= 0.16~) is used

  • ensure that ${xpi:Recommends} is used instead of ${xpi:Depends} and be sure to add it under Recommends: field.
  • ensure that no packages (browsers / mail clients) are in Depends: cause ${xpi:Recommends} will do the trick for us
  • ensure that Standards-Version 3.8.3 is used.
  • remove unzip from Build-Depends, if there is no direct unzip call in debian/rules
  • remove zip from Build-Depends, if there is no direct zip call in debian/rules
  • ensure that all binary packages depend on ${misc:Depends}
  • ensure that the Maintainer field is up-to-date: use "Ubuntu Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com>" instead of "Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com>"

  • add "Vcs-Bzr: lp:~ubuntu-dev/firefox-extensions/$extensionname.ubuntu" if not already done
  • add "Vcs-Browser: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-dev/firefox-extensions/$extensionname.ubuntu" if not already done

  • add "Provides: ${xpi:Provides}" and "Enhances: ${xpi:Enhances}"


  • remove MOZ_EXTENSION_PKG, if it is the first binary package in debian/control
  • remove MOZ_XPI_EMID - if the extension does not show up in Firefox/Thunderbird, it is a bug in mozilla-devscipts (${xpi:Depends} will not work then, too)
  • remove MOZ_XPI_BUILD_COMMAND, if it only calls med-xpi-pack
  • remove all comments from the template and the unused variables
  • check if removing MOZ_XPI_DOCUMENTED_LICENSE_FILES have the same results (it will be guessed then)


  • ensure that you add reference to this wiki page in debian/changelog.
  • verify that the extension works with ffox 3.5
  • check debian/*install and debian/*links files; they can be removed in the most cases
  • ensure that the extension do *not* ship an extra license file. Make use of MOZ_XPI_DOCUMENTED_LICENSE_FILES feature to remove them eventually.
  • check lintian (run it with "-iIE --pedantic" flags)
  • you may switch to debhelper 7
  • check the build log, if xpi:Recommends, xpi:Provides, and xpi:Enhances are set correctly
  • when done ensure you push the branch to lp:~mozilla-extensions-dev/firefox-extensions/$extensionname.ubuntu

Plans for lucid (Ubuntu 10.04)

The preferred way is to get the changes into Debian first and sync them into Ubuntu (or merge if transitional packages are required). The changes are delayed to lucid, because renamed packages must go through the NEW queue and we are already in a feature freeze.

  • ensure that the source package does not starts with "mozilla-", "firefox-", "thunderbird-", or "ice*-" (example: use pwdhash instead of mozilla-pwdhash)
  • ensure that the binary package is called "xul-ext-<source_name>" (example: xul-ext-pwdhash is the binary package for pwdhash). Source: Policy for packaging extensions for XUL based applications

  • if you rename the binary, create a transitional package with the old name, which only depends on the new one
  • make debian/copyright machine-readable

9.10 Karmic Koala Package's list

Use the following: (./) for "DONE" OR (X) for "OUTSTANDING"

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