In order to enable Launchpad Translation support for your xpi based application package, your package has to produce a template during build. The template is a valid en-US.xpi file at best produced after build from the applications chrome files.

If you don't want to use mozilla-devscripts you need to produce a valid en-US.xpi (template) file with all the locale specific files from your install tree remember that you need a install.rdf to the produced en-US.xpi; in order to make launchpad automatically import your template, ensure that its placed in the debian/lp-export-xpis/ directory after build.

If you use mozilla-devscripts, there is some magic for you that filters out a valid en-US.xpi file from almost any package install tree. To use that you need to do a few things (see firefox-3.0 package for an example):

  1. include /usr/share/mozilla-devscripts/ in your cdbs-style like debian/rules

  2. define at least the following variables:

    MOZ_TRANSLATION_AUTO_XPI_OUTDIR         := debian/lp-export-xpis/
  3. ensure that you hook the make rule in a post-install debian/rules target and remember to add a valid install.rdf to the produced en-US.xpi (see the firefox-3.5 package for an example), like:

    cd debian && zip lp-export-xpis/en-US.xpi install.rdf

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