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Firefox Testplan

  1. test to start firefox with your standard profile
  2. test to let firefox create new profile (e.g. move away .mozilla)
  3. test save an image, does dialog appear et al?
  4. test bookmarks: can you drag/drop bookmarks (in manager and in UI - e.g. from toolbar to menu et vv)?
  5. Do live bookmarks work? are headlines properly displayed, can you subscribe to a new feed?
  6. test password manager:
    • are passwords properly pre-filled when previously remembered?
    • are credentials of new sites properly remembered as well (test in same browser session and with browser restarted)
  7. test plugins (see above)
  8. test javascript: use AJAX sites like: new,, et al.
  9. test https site (

  10. test certificate support:
  11. test gnome support:
    • Use Image as Background
    • Change Preferred Application (Mail-- in Gnome, set in System/Preferences/Preferred Applications)

Plugin QA

Note: Plugin QA is not mandatory to succeed. Testing the most important plugins is highly appreciated though. In case you run into issues you can add a comment when submitting your testresults.

Plugin Name

Plugin package

Plugin manufacturer site

Example sites where to test the plugin

Adobe Reader 7.0


Helix DNA Plugin


Java(TM) Plug-in 1.5.0_11-b03


Java(TM) Plug-in Blackdown-1.4.2-02


Kaffeine Starter Plugin




Shockwave Flash (8.0 - Gnash 0.7.2, the GNU Flash Player)


Shockwave Flash 9.0 r31 (Macromedia)


Shockwave Flash (GPLFlash)


Shockwave Flash (Swfdec)


Totem 2.18.0 plugin


VLC Multimedia Plugin


gxine starter plugin


mplayerplug-in 3.31


Comment Regarding Testcases from Litmus?

Mozilla's own QA team keeps testcases for manual testing in a testing tool called litmus. Litmus gathers these testing results for review, and is used to run some large scale testing events (ie Test Days). Quite a number of their test cases would likely be useful to the Ubuntu Mozilla Team as well. - StephanieDaugherty

Thunderbird Testplan

  1. startup with fresh profile -> setup pop and imap account

  2. start with existing profile -> see nothing is gone

  3. move messages from folder to folder in same account
  4. move messages from folder to folder across accounts
  5. send a message
  6. install enigmail and send an encrypted / signed message
  7. check that you can unencrypt it
  8. check that you can verify it
  9. go through all preferneces tab and check that nothing is visually broken
  10. check that a random langpack still works and that no dialog is visually broken
  11. check that blogs work
  12. add more if you have more ideas Wink ;)


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