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I am a system/networks administrator for a moderate-sized internet firm in Montreal. I love Ubuntu, my dream is that one day, we will be able to close Launchpad bug #1 Smile :)

Ubuntu in Quebec

Well, Ubuntu should be for everyone. We can no longer say that only Windows is appropriate for the grandparents, uncle, auntie, or whomever in the family, because Ubuntu should be what we all go forward to as a community. Not just because it's free, but also because, if nothing else, it is built in part by us. If we decide to buy food (and other domestic) products locally out of concern for the community, local producers and all of that, we should do the same for software, and encourage the incredible skill and talent from our community.

On the short term, I hope for my workplace to adopt Ubuntu as a replacement for developer's desktop environments.

On the long term, I hope for our province's government to adopt Ubuntu as a viable alternative to other operating systems. Agreed, this has not happened yet and will take time, but things should at least start with a commitment, especially at the government level, to using open standards. Everyone can, we only need to be shown why it is the sensible choice.


  • Working, when time permits, on a joint project with a friend to write a modular point of sales system, with features comparable to those of Maitre D, a commercial PoS software package very common in the province of Quebec.


  • I try to stay involved in bug triaging, fixing some bugs, and packaging software.
    • I'm paying a close attention to bugs related to network-manager and its vpn plugins.
  • Working at finishing up my packages concordance and congruity for inclusion in Ubuntu and Debian

    • Concordance is uploaded (in Debian, 0.21-4; in Ubuntu, 0.21-2), but will require maintenance.
    • Trying to get congruity uploaded to Debian.
  • Provided my rework of package acct is accepted, I will be the new Debian maintainer for it.

  • Working with 'asac' as my mentor on various NM-related tasks.
  • Trying to fix LP#284596


  • Added a patch to network-manager-vpnc to support saving only the group password to a keyring, was a major headache for work, and it has now been uploaded: LP#91964

    • A rework I did for this patch (then further reworked by Dan Williams) finally made it into NetworkManager upstream. Yay!

  • Commented on various bugs, provided answers, etc.

Future Plans

  • (short term) See one of my uploaded new packages to REVU be uploaded to universe.

  • (short term) Become more regularly involved in bug fixing, triaging, etc.
  • (medium term) Eventually, one day, be a MOTU.
  • (long term) Eventually, one day, work for Canonical; in my field. Smile :)


Launchpad: mathieu-tl


IRC: cyphermox on FreeNode or ArsTechnica servers