Name: Mathieu Trudel
GPG: C67BB4D665B58DA1
Launchpad: cyphermox
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I'm a systems and networks administrator as well as doing development and testing on various projects. My main interests are network-related tools such as NetworkManager, resolvconf, and the like, and desktop and server packages.
I previously worked for Canonical on various teams, principally responsible for various network projects like Netplan.
I'm from Montreal, and I'm very active in the Ubuntu Quebec LoCo, and organize the Longueuil Ubuntu Hour. If you go to Linux or Ubuntu events around Montreal, you may be able to spot me.

Community Contributions

  • I'm very active in the Ubuntu-QC team. There are lots of challenges (people geographically dispersed, not always willing to travel...), but also a lot of interest.
    • Organized, with komputes, the Ubuntu Global Jam in Montreal.

      • Many thanks to ETS (Ecole de Technologie Superieure), as well as Clod Patry and Guillaume Grasset for help and booking the rooms in 2009 and March 2010.
      • Many thanks to SupInfo and Aurelien Fernandes for help and booking the rooms in August 2010.

    • Organized the Montreal Karmic, Lucid release party. See QuebecTeam/KarmicParty, QuebecTeam/LucidParty.

    • Ubuntu Hour - Longueuil



  • I stay involved in bug triaging, fixing some bugs, and packaging software.
    • I'm paying a close attention to bugs related to network-manager and its vpn plugins.
  • Packaging multiple new or updated software:
    • Concordance - a library and command-line tools for configuring Logitech Harmony remotes.
    • Congruity - GUI program to configure Logitech Harmony remotes.
    • Acct - GNU Process and System Accounting utilities
    • Network-manager-openconnect - VPN client plugin for NetworkManager, to connect to Cisco AnyConnect VPN systems.

Future Plans

  • (medium term) Improve the situation for PKI / authentication infrastructure on Ubuntu; as most things are outdated or half-broken -- freeipa is hard to install, dogtag same, can't really talk about semi-proprietary Java products that are hard to use...
  • (long term) Sit for a term on the Ubuntu Technical Board.
  • (long term) Stay up to date on cloud products.

Testimonials for Membership Application

  • I'm glad Mathieu has finally applied for membership! I met Mathieu through a mutual friend and he's helped me out when I needed to find people to help with Ubuntu EC2 testing as well as being a great "sysadmin who can test/verify/fix bugs" for a bunch of random bugs I needed help with over the past few cycles. Matthieu knows not only how to work with existing ubuntu developers but also upstreams and Debian. I think membership will be a good first step and encourage him to keep going and become an Ubuntu developer! -- jorge 2009-10-22 21:30:46

  • What can I say, Mathieu is a fantastic member of the community ! He's quite active on Quebec's IRC channel and other Ubuntu channels, the mailing list and in events. He helped a lot in our two last major events (Global Jam and Release Party) and he keeps showing up in some annoying bugs Smile :) He's great at showing off Ubuntu to new users and answering questions too. So, a big YEAH for me regarding membership -- -- magicfab 2009-11-11 16:21:09

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