Muhammad Takdir

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About Me

My name Muhammad Takdir, my nickname is takdir. I live in Sinjai Sulawesi Selatan - Indonesia. It's about 250km far from Makassar (Asia/Makassar). Start using Ubuntu since 6.06 LTS. And now still using 8.04.

At the moment, I'm working in local government of Sinjai and has promoted the use of Free and Open Source Software in government institution and elementary schools in Sinjai Regency.


  1. My Blog

  2. Ubuntu-ID

  3. Launchpad -

My Activity / Project

  1. Introduction and Workshop (Ubuntu and Edubuntu) in all school at Sinjai

  2. Making Ubuntu Makassar Community as part of Ubuntu-ID

  3. Ubuntu Indonesian Translator

  4. Joining at BlankOn4 as Team Pemaket (Packaging Team) - released

  5. Joining at BlankOn3 as Team Pemaket (Packaging Team) - released

  6. Joining at BlankOn2 as Team Pemaket (Packaging Team) - released

You can found me on Ubuntu Indonesia

  1. Member of Team Ubuntu Indonesia :

  2. Member and Support Milist Ubuntu Indonesia :

  3. Support and discussions: #ubuntu-id @
  4. Member of Planet Ubuntu Indonesia

Future Plans

  1. Join in the bug squad to learn how to find a bug and fix it.
  2. I want to be MOTU Contributor.
  3. I want to translate Full Circle Magazine into Bahasa


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