About Me

I am working as a Software Test Engineer in Wireless Communications & Networking Protocol domain. I´ve worked in organizations like Infosys Technologies (INFY), NXP Semiconductors (formely known as Philips Semiconductors).

My 1st Face-Off

My first face-off with Unix/Linux based OS was when I started working with NXP in early 2007. Since then I´ve liked it so much that I keep trying different flavours of it like Knoppix, Fedora, Suse etc., though my windows or hard disk keeps on crashing due to the same;-) But thats because I am still a novice so doesnt know the precautions which I should take while Installing. So ¨Put the blame on Me¨ and not on UnixOS.

But among all, I prefer Ubuntu because of its features, GUI, ease of use, support from its worldwide users etc.


Email: <mukulsinghal AT SPAMFREE ymail DOT com>



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