Before using, we need to get the code and build it:

 $ bzr branch lp:~oif-team/oif/ntrig-calibrator
 $ cd ntrig-calibrator
 $ sudo apt-get install libusb-dev
 $ make

Calibrating the Device

So far, we've seen evidence that the latest N-trig firmware causes the hardware to slowly become "de-calibrated" and in need of updating. The simplest way to determine if your device is capturing touch events in an expected manner is to use the mtview tool. If when you run mtview your device is only showing touches for some parts of the screen, touches are offset, or you have to press very hard to register a touch, calibration is very likely needed.

To calibrate your N-trig device, just do the following:

sudo ./calib.sh

For which, you should get output something like the following:

[sudo] password for oubiwann: 
make: `calib' is up to date.
bus 0
bus 0
make: `firmware' is up to date.
firmware version: (0c001e08 8f220000)
mode: 0d010000

Usually, one pass of the tool will fix things up. Try running mtview again, to see if your touch experience has improved. On occasion, a user has needed to run calib.sh multiple times to see good results.

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