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Ginn is a deamon with jinn-like wish-granting capabilities: it gives applications the ability to support a subset of multi-touch gestures without having to integrate GEIS or multi-touch-enabled GTK/Qt libraries.

"GINN" is a backronym standing for "Gesture Injector: No-GEIS, No-Toolkits" Smile :-)

Ginn links:

Unity Gestures with Ginn

System gestures in Ubuntu are currently tied to Unity (both in Maverick and Natty). Even if you have the gesture stack installed and are using the GNOME Desktop, you will not get any response from the gesture recognizer (Grail) if you perform the 3- and 4-finger system gestures.

However! Ginn can address this Smile :-)

If you want to just use the standard GNOME Desktop while also getting support for system gestures, you can use Ginn to assign gestures in the global section to Compiz Shortcuts.

  • Zoom out the virtual desktop (4-tap): 4-fingers-Tap -> Super+E.

      <wish gesture="Tap" fingers="4">
        <action name="action1" when="update">
          <trigger prop="tap time" min="20" max="400"/>
          <key modifier1="Super_L">E</key>
  • Bring up all windows (3-pinch): 3-fingers-Pinch -> Super+W

      <wish gesture="Pinch" fingers="3">
        <action name="action4" when="update">
          <trigger prop="radius delta" min="-80" max="-50"/>
          <key modifier1="Super_L">W</key>


The following links show Ginn in action, configured to support gestures for various applications:

  1. Video1

  2. Video2

  3. Video3

  4. Ginn+Inkscape

How to support right-click in Ginn

Note: This needs to get moved into an LP Question ("Answers").

Ginn supports injecting keyboard clicks and mouse buttons.

If you have some problems getting right click to work, you can use this trick:

  1. Configure a new global keyboard shortcut in ubuntu as explained here

  2. Apply a new shortcut executing xdotool to inject the right button : Name: NewCommand ; COMMAND: xdotool click 3 ; SHORTCUT: Put your shortcut here

  3. Add the SHORTCUT you have selected in the wishes file, and associate it to 2-fingers tap for example.

You need xdotool to get this working

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