General Mutt documentation.


Mutt is a powerful command line email client. It supports both mbox and Maildir formats. The protocols supported include POP3 and IMAP. It was originally designed to be a Mail User Agent (MUA) and used to rely on Sendmail but support for sending mail was eventually added.


  • Full MIME support, full PGP/GPG and S/MIME integration.
  • Message scoring and threading capabilities.
  • Mutt relies on external tools for composing and filtering messages.
  • Support for mail threading
  • Message composing is done using an external text editor of the users choice.
  • Keyboard Macros for performing complex functions
  • Extensible functions using patches


   1 sudo apt-get install mutt


The configuration file ~/.muttrc will be used for each users. If it is not present, then the global config file /etc/Muttrc will be used.

~$ touch ~/.muttrc
~$ sudo chmod 600 ~/.muttrc
~$ nano ~/.muttrc

# User info

set realname = "alice"
set from = ""
set use_from = no
set envelope_from ="yes"

mailboxes imap://
set folder="imap://"  
set imap_user="alice" #your IMAP user name or login
set imap_pass="mysecret" #your IMAP password

# If not set in ~/.bashrc:
set spoolfile = /var/mail/alice


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