About Myat Thu

Hello, I am Myat Thu, I do Love Ubuntu , I'm Buddhist, I live in Mandalay, Myanmar(Burma).

I am currently a UIT(University Of Information Technology) Student.I have a strong interest in computers, especially Networking and Pentesting.I also Love other OSS, FLOSS, GNU, GPL, MIT, Apache etc.,

I have played around with Linux since 2014.Being a Network Engineer,Ubuntu becomes my main and best choice. I initially tried CentOs, but after trying Ubuntu 14.4 and later Ubuntu 14.10, I settled on Ubuntu as my favourite Linux distro. Currently I have Ubuntu 16.4 LTS installed on all of my computers, as well as a couple of virtual computers that are mainly used for my studies and network engineering. I learned about Ubuntu since 2013 because of strong community and i believed that Ubuntu gives a lot of benefits for my career. First, i learned ubuntu for my earnings now i really really love ubuntu and becomes my wife.

As a University Student, i mainly helping out with my classmates and Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team Movement. and the biggest Barcamp in Barcamp Yangon 2015(Colourful Barcamp) Volunteer.

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