I'm a Miia Sample, originally from Finland and now living in the UK, better known as Myrtti, born on 1980.

I've been Ubuntu user since February 2005. I've been more or less active in Ubuntu Suomi (Finnish Loco team) being the first moderator of the discussion board, been a contact person between the non-profit organization Finnish Linux User Group, the Finnish Centre for Open Source Solutions ("FLUG for companies" , my former employer) and Ubuntu Suomi.

My participation has been varying from getting a foot between the doors of Assembly'07 for FLUG and Ubuntu Suomi to IRCing on #ubuntu, #ubuntu-offtopic, #ubuntu-fi, #ubuntu-ops, #ubuntu-irc and #xubuntu, just to mention a few. I'm currently an operator on all of the aforementioned, though try to use my powers as rarely as possible and don't even frequent some of the channels unless requested.

My personal pages are normally visible at, I can be found on Linkedin, Facebook, Launchpad etc. as Miia Sample. my email address is the obvious gmail one with my nick.


I've been on IRC since 1996, was once an op on one of Finland's biggest hardware related IRC channels (#muropaketti on IRCnet) years 2000-2005 and since then moved over to freenode.

I've got a copy of ubottu stashed on Internet, ready to be taken into use if the primary bot fails and drops out of connection.

Cheers from others for Ubuntu membership

Miia is a valuable IRC operator and contributor and has been so for a long time. Myrtti ftw! -- Dennis Kaarsemaker (may 27 2008)

Myrtti has been a valuable member of Ubuntu Finland from the very beginning in 2005, providing our initial logo and participating in organizing events (something we have not had too many people doing!), IRC and forum discussions etc. etc. -- Timo Jyrinki (May 27 2008)

Miia is a good IRC operator and contributor and has been so for a long time. +1 Paul O'Malley

Myrtti's made a sustained contribution to the ubuntu-irc team and I think she deserves membership. Never a dull moment either -- Joseph Price (Jun 2 2008)

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