• Standing agenda items:
    • Update our team report.
    • Slogan to be picked and updated where?
    • Update on packaging
    • Go through the blueprint and get updates from peoples areas
    • Create a blueprint for the M cycle
    • What items should be covered at UDS-M
    • Regular meetings - Every 3rd Monday of the month perhaps?


  • Daniel to send out poll to sort out slogan
  • Laura and pen to work on BP and send to ML before UDS
  • Daniel to poke jono re UDS session
  • Laura and jussi to work on splitting up NGOs into groups
  • xdatap mlazzari2 and Claudinux_ Italian LoCo working on NGO interviews in Italy

  • Laura and xdap to come up with common questions for NGO interviews
  • Regular meeting on the 3rd Monday of the month at 6pm - laura add to fridge
  • dholbach and hexmode to talk re PHP and debian packaging


18:01 < czajkowski> okie dokie lets get cracking as I know some folks are at work and others are due to finish 
18:01 < ebel> pong?
18:01 < ebel> wait, there's a -ngo meeting?
18:01 < dholbach> meeting time
18:01 < ebel> :D
18:01 < czajkowski> ebel: aye now :)
18:01 < czajkowski> AGENDA: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NGO/Meeting
18:02 < czajkowski> So firstly: Slogan to be picked and updated where?
18:03 < czajkowski> back in october we asked folks for suggestions for our slogan to sum us up better and they left comments on the blog
18:03 < czajkowski> but we never chose one 
18:03 < czajkowski> any thoughts?
18:03 < dholbach> did we do some kind of poll?
18:03 < dholbach> or vote in the last meeting?
18:03 < czajkowski> http://ubuntungo.wordpress.com/2009/11/11/ubuntu-ngo-what-is-it-we-do-again/
18:03 < czajkowski> dholbach: nope :(
18:04 < dholbach> the comments on that blog post point toward just one slogan
18:04 < dholbach> but we can just do a poll
18:04 < czajkowski> *nods* could do aye 
18:05 < dholbach> is the other slogans on that blog post everything we had?
18:05 < czajkowski> yes
18:05 < dholbach> if so I can take an action to set up the poll tomorrow and announce it on the list
18:05 < dholbach> so we can finally sort it out, update our docs and blog about it
18:05 < czajkowski> *nods*
18:05 < czajkowski> ok
18:05 < dholbach> rock on
18:05 < czajkowski> everyone ok wit that?
18:05 < Pendulum> sounds good to me :)
18:05 < xdatap> +1
18:05 < czajkowski> +1 
18:06 < czajkowski> lovely
18:06 < czajkowski> so on our blueprint from the UDS session we had a topic on packaging, any update on this ?
18:06 < dholbach> no, unfortunately not
18:06 < dholbach> there's a big bunch of ideas what should be packaged
18:07 < dholbach> but they all turned out to be quite big projects
18:07 < dholbach> the people who committed to helping out with it were also quite busy with lots of other things
18:07 < dholbach> this needs some kind of review
18:07 < dholbach> so we can see how to do better
18:08 < dholbach> maybe a session at UDS?
18:08 < czajkowski> that might be an idea, as I for one am rather clueless in this area 
18:08 < jussi> +1 to a UDS session
18:09  * dholbach takes a note to get jono to schedule it :D
18:09 < czajkowski> which brings me onto next item - https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-lucid-ngo
18:09 < dholbach> sorry, I don't have more updates on this
18:09 < czajkowski> was the last NGO blueprint, which was rather hit and miss
18:10 < czajkowski> how about we set one up for UDS-M and set down some goals and ideas what we want to work on and have it sent to the ML before UDS and before the session so we 
                    have an idea as to what we'd like to get done ?
18:10 < czajkowski> Pendulum: would you give me a hand setting this up and drawing it up ?
18:10 < Pendulum> +1
18:10 < jussi> I think we need to focus on getting more NGO's involved. Once we have that, then we can figure out what they really need.
18:11 < czajkowski> jussi: aye
18:11 < xdatap> I agree with jussi in this, we need more NGOs involved
18:11 < czajkowski> Pendulum: and I worked on http://etherpad.com/o88AS3gMQe if anyone has any ideas please add them to this 
18:12 < xdatap> etherpad is really cool! I didn't know it before
18:12 < xdatap> :P
18:12  * czajkowski hugs etherpad 
18:12 < czajkowski> is there anything that we should be oooking into or following up on? 
18:12 < czajkowski> ebel: any thoughts ?
18:12 < Pendulum> czajkowski: yep, will help :)
18:13 < czajkowski> grand so myself and Pendulum will draw up a BP and add some ideas to it and send to the ML to get some input BEFORE UDS
18:13 < dholbach> BP? big plan? :)
18:13 < xdatap> czajkowski: added to favorites, I will check it later
18:13 < jussi> czajkowski: perhaps compile a list of NGO's in certain areas and maintain whoch ones have been contacted?
18:13 < czajkowski> Blue print
18:13 < czajkowski> jussi: so break down NGOs into categories?
18:14 < jussi> czajkowski: I was thinking geographically
18:14 < jussi> but categories could work also
18:14 < jussi> but also so we dont get 10 people contacting the same ngo
18:14 < czajkowski> jussi: ok want to work on that with me ?
18:15 < jussi> czajkowski: unlikely Ill have time prior to UDS, but during and after, sure.
18:15 < xdatap> about this, I have an update
18:15 < highvoltage> czajkowski: pong
18:16 < highvoltage> (sorry dinner ran a bit late)
18:16 < czajkowski> xdatap: sure
18:16 < czajkowski> highvoltage: tis ok your item is last on the list 
18:16 < xdatap> in the Italian LoCo we're going to start a mailing to NGOs for asking if they use ubuntu and free software and proposing an interview
18:16 < czajkowski> xdatap: o good idea 
18:16 < xdatap> mlazzari2 and Claudinux_ will help me in this
18:17  * ebel scans etherpad
18:17 < jussi> czajkowski: xdatap excellent idea. Using the locos here is brilliant. Perhaps we can put together a standard set of questions?
18:17 < xdatap> we will provide more details during the work and hopefully some result before UDS
18:17 < czajkowski> xdatap: sounds good 
18:17 < czajkowski> highvoltage: you wanted to have more regular meetings
18:17 < xdatap> jussi: yes, great idea. common question would help a lot
18:17 < czajkowski> I think this would be benefical to all
18:18 < highvoltage> yep, how about we have an ngo-meeting once a month? say this time?
18:18 < czajkowski> xdatap: how about you and I work on some common questions??
18:18 < highvoltage> maybe at some point we can introduce another alternate one for people who can't make this timezone
18:18 < xdatap> czajkowski: sound good
18:18 < czajkowski> highvoltage: this time suits me does it suit everyone??
18:18 < highvoltage> but afaik this time works well for at least most european/american people
18:18  * dholbach nods
18:18  * hexmode reads etherpad
18:19 < hexmode> I'm on the Debian PHP team... what is needed?
18:19 < jussi> Peoples, I need to sdisappear. Sorry. Ill try be in and out, but wont be at the keyboard a lot from now on
18:19 < czajkowski> so 3rd Monday of the month at 6pm ??
18:19 < czajkowski> hexmode: ohh I do know we needed php stuff packaged!
18:19 < ebel> this timezone includes most of southern americas and africa, i.e. a lot of places ngos work....
18:19 < czajkowski> off hand I don't know :(
18:19 < czajkowski> grand
18:19 < highvoltage> czajkowski: well this one is 5pm utc, but I guess 6pm will be better for americans coming back from lunch
18:20 < dholbach> hexmode: we can have a chat outside the meeting :)
18:20 < xdatap> but 6pm is dinner time in CET
18:20 < czajkowski> highvoltage: this is 6pm UTC+1 
18:20 < hexmode> I think this time works.  1pm on the east coast, 10am on west coast
18:20 < highvoltage> czajkowski: ok
18:21 < czajkowski> ok that coveres the topics,
18:21 < czajkowski> does anyone have anything else they need to bring up?
18:21  * hexmode raises his hand
18:21 < czajkowski> hexmode: shoot :)
18:21 < hexmode> czajkowski: did you get my overview of the Directory blueprints?
18:22 < highvoltage> wow short meeting, I guess it will get longer each time
18:22 < czajkowski> hexmode: no..
18:22 < czajkowski> highvoltage: aye
18:22 < hexmode> managment of systems is needed to for large org adoption
18:22 < czajkowski> hexmode: was it mail, I always reply to mails 
18:22 < hexmode> ok, I thought I did... I'll send it after this
18:22 < czajkowski> grand 
18:22 < highvoltage> czajkowski: will you add the -ngo meetings to the fridge calendar so that it will appear on the UWN letters?
18:22 < czajkowski> highvoltage: I will indeed
18:23 < dholbach> thanks so much for getting the meeting going again
18:23 < czajkowski> right so in summary
18:23 -!- Irssi: Pasting 7 lines to #ubuntu-ngo. Press Ctrl-K if you wish to do this or Ctrl-C to cancel.
18:23 < czajkowski> Daniel to send out poll to sort out slogan
18:23 < czajkowski> Laura and pen to work on BP and send to ML before UDS
18:23 < czajkowski> Laura and pen to work on BP and send to ML before UDS
18:23 < czajkowski> Daniel to poke jono re UDS session 
18:23 < czajkowski> laura and jussi to work on splitting up NGOs into groups
18:23 < czajkowski> xdatap> mlazzari2 and Claudinux_  Italian LoCo working on NGO interviews in Italy
18:23 < czajkowski> Laura and xdap to come up with common questions for NGO interviews
18:23 < czajkowski> Regular meeting on the 3rd Monday of the month at 6pm - laura add to fridge
18:23 < czajkowski> dholbach and hexmode to talk re PHP and debian packaging
18:23 < dholbach> czajkowski: on it
18:23 < czajkowski> ok hopefully with more regular meetings we'll be more productuve and we can get back on track 
18:24 < xdatap> great! czajkowski is the best meeting manager of the universe
18:24 < czajkowski> lol
18:24  * czajkowski hugs you all 
18:24  * dholbach hugs czajkowski back
18:24  * dholbach hugs you all
18:24  * xdatap hugs all
18:25  * highvoltage bends under group pressure and also hugs all

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