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We want to help and support areas with no internet. This page will list TODO items and ideas be fore move actual solutions to the NGO/KnowledgeBase.

* We need to investigate mesh networking options like those demonstrated in OLPC XO computer. One product might be Digi's Xbee usb adapter. I believe it comes in both Zigbee and generic 802.15.4 models. Interesting application if low power mesh technology would give NGO's and other disaster first responders the ability to do immediate low power networking of mostly textual content (e.g. critical updates). Mesh's primary purpose would be to provide communication prior to when other wireless infrastructure becomes available. Do Linux drivers exist.]].


  • Daniel Holbach
  • Jonathan Carter
  • Hardik Dalwadi
  • Rory McCann

  • Hendra Indriyanto


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